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Blue Ridge Hemp Review

Our Score:
7.6 Out Of 10

User Ratings: 4.5/5

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Sometimes it’s the bad stuff that dictates how we live our lives. This is definitely true for pain, which can cast a pall over everything in our day. Chronic pain is actually the most common qualifying condition for medical marijuana, and according to a report from 2019, as much as 67.5% of medical patients receive cannabis to treat the condition. 

Alleviating pain through the use of cannabis-derived products is central to the mission statement of Blue Ridge Hemp, which takes CBD and combines “it with other ethically and sustainably sourced Terpene rich botanicals to form products that allow all people to harness the healing power of Cannabis.”

As part of this effort to ease pain, the company offers smokable CBD flower, CBD tea, tinctures, and topicals, that are non-GMO, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced from the farms the company partners with.

Materials, ingredients & manufacturing process 

Blue Ridge Hemp takes pride in using high-quality materials that are sustainably sourced from “trusted partner farms,” according to the company. 

The ingredients are displayed on the page of each product sold by Blue Ridge Hemp. Take for instance the CBD infused salve, which includes key ingredients like mango butter, which serves as a base of the salve and menthol crystal added to produce a cooling effect. The full ingredient list includes a couple dozen natural oils ranging from oregano to black pepper to juniper berry. 

With the tinctures, the ingredients are much more straightforward — 99% pure CBD isolate, with some coconut oil added in there. 

The teas made by Blue Ridge Hemp contain dried organic hemp flower, as well as other natural ingredients such as lemongrass or ginger. 

Sweet CBDreams Hemp Tea by Blue Ridge Hemp

The company says that regarding the manufacturing process, “our team has been trained in current good manufacturing practices,” and that it uses a restricted-access production facility that is inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to ensure the quality of the products produced therein. 

That said, the company does not provide any further details about its facilities, extraction process, hemp sourcing, or which certifications it or its facilities have received. 

Transparency & lab results

Blue Ridge Hemp states that all of its products “can be verified authentic and linked to lab results,” but other than the lab results for the hemp flower, there aren’t any easily accessible results on the company website.

The product pages for the flower include fairly extensive lab results which include the cannabinoids breakdown, the terpene count, the amount of moisture, heavy metals, and dozens of various chemicals

The product page for the flowers lists two cultivators — “Sovereign Fields” and “4 Letter Farms.”  Both of these are based out of Oregon, which is about a 33-hour drive from Asheville, North Carolina (where Blue Ridge Hemp is based), and the famous Blue Ridge Mountains that surround the small hipstery city.

A little more access to the lab results and information about the company’s manufacturing process would greatly help transparency.  

Packaging & branding 

Bluegrass and hippies, craft brews and hipsters, mountain folks and college kids — there’s a lot that comes to mind when one thinks about the Blue Ridge Mountains — and especially when Asheville is mentioned.

Blue Ridge Hemp seems to be trying to catch a little bit of that mountain magic in a bottle with its branding, which has a vibe that says “your parents said you couldn’t be a forestry major, but you can still buy premium CBD and find a wellness regime that works for you.”

The logo shows a setting sun over a blue mountain ridge with what is either a cannabis bud or a pine tree in the foreground. It’s a great logo and actually, most of the company’s packaging wears it well. 

The company’s “Blue Js” (get it?) pre-rolled hemp joints come in a nice little tin box that’s perfect for a jaunt to the holler with a six-pack and some friends, or a dog and some CBD dog treats made by Blue Ridge Hemp.

Blue Ridge Hemp's pre-rolled hemp joints come in a beautiful tin box.

Customer service 

If a customer needs assistance from Blue Ridge Hemp, they can reach out to the company by way of the online contact form or a phone number which is answered 9 am-5 pm on weekdays (EST).

We reached out to the brand’s customer service with a few questions and actually never heard back from them — not ideal.

Product lineup


  • Pet Tincture 1oz 250mg CBD
    Life can be ruff. These tinctures for your best friend include 99.7% pure CBD isolate on a base of extra virgin olive oil.

Blue Ridge Hemp CBD tincture

Topicals and skincare 

The final word 

Blue Ridge Hemp makes an easy pitch on its website — pain is bad, let’s make it less bad. Along the way, the company also offers an assortment of bath bombs, skincare products, tinctures, and even one CBD solution for the dog in your life. And many of these products – especially the tinctures, are significantly more affordable than those of many competitors. 

The company also benefits from solid branding and an online look that suggests you may be buying a skincare product, but you might also end up spending a weekend in a cabin on a commune in the Blue Ridge Mountains learning to play the banjo from a liberal arts professor who relocated from Massachusetts. 

One knock though — the company could be a bit more forthcoming with their lab results and about the manufacturing and sourcing process.

Our Verdict

Quality - 8.5
Value - 9.5
Brand & Product Transparency - 6.5
Customer Service - 6


User Rating: 4.5 ( 2 votes)

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