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Bluebird Botanicals Review

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8.4 Out Of 10

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Bluebird Botanicals was founded in 2012. As one of the first CBD companies, they have played an invaluable role in the industry. They make it known to their customers that they care by offers assistance programs for veterans, those with long term disabilities, and those with low income. They offer a very affordable and fair pricing structure that fits most people’s budgets.

Transparency has always been very important to Bluebird Botanicals. They have a fully open batch database online that clearly shows all manufactured lots. You can look over the test results prior to making a purchase.

The company is not only family-owned and operated but they also have a reputation for treating their employees fairly. They focus on generous benefits, paid time off, and other perks. Many people believe strongly that you can gauge a company’s integrity and honesty based on employee happiness and turnover.


Bluebird Botanicals Product Line

At Bluebird Botanicals, you will find a wide array of products. They sell hemp extract oils, concentrated CBD oils, creams, capsules, concentrated capsules, vape oil, isolates, and CBD pet supplies. Overall, the product line is impressive but they do not sell any type of edibles such as gummies which many people find to be a serious drop back.

Manufacturing Process of Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals uses organic Colorado hemp in most of their products. They also often use hemp seed oil that is obtained from Canadian farmers. All of the hemp is free of any pesticides or herbicides. They use only ethanol or CO2 extraction methods to produce their CBD isolate or full-spectrum products. The hemp used in their products is cultivated with the goal of enriching both the cannabinoids and terpenes. When manufacturing their CBD items, they always adhere to the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). Having a CGMP indicates that all products are manufactured with the best practices and are safe to use.

Who are Bluebird Botanicals Good For?

Bluebird Botanicals is considered a leading CBD brand. Their products are ideal for anyone seeking full-spectrum or isolate CBD products as a supplement. Many who appreciate purity come to love the brand’s product line.

Pros and Cons of Bluebird Botanicals

You must research the pros and cons of Bluebird Botanicals to determine if the CBD brand is right for you.

  • Discounts are offered to veterans, disabled, and low-income individuals
  • All hemp used is grown organically and with sustainable farming practices
  • An award-winning CBD company: #1 Hemp Company/Product by Cannabis Business Awards
  • No flavored versions of full-spectrum tinctures/oil to help mask the taste
  • Concentrations are a bit confusing on the site

Bluebird Botanicals Spec

Here is a chart that provides basic information about Bluebird Botanicals that you might find useful or interesting:

Materials Non-GMO Seeds
Farming Practices Organic cultivation from hemp grown in Colorado and Canada
Extraction CO2 and ethanol extraction
Testing Third-party lab testing
Certifications cGMP
Shipping Shipping within the U.S. and internationally. Please note that all the international sales are subject to all applicable U.S. and foreign export controls
Return Policy 30 days from the date of purchase
Attributes Non-GMO, Pesticide free, 100 percent free of artificial flavors, Isolates, and full-spectrum products


Flavor and Appearance of Bluebird Botanicals

Hemp and concentrated CBD oils appear dark in color. They have a bitter, earthy flavor because they are brimming with over 80 cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Their vape oils appear very light. The CBD isolate products have no flavor or odor and are a white powder.

Extraction Process

As mentioned, Bluebird Botanicals relies on two types of extraction: ethanol and CO2. The ethanol method is a cold extraction method that is utilized to retain terpenes. Their CO2 extraction method involves the use of supercritical carbon dioxide at very low temperatures. CO2 extraction is clean and leaves no solvent residue. Some of Bluebird Botanicals might have low traces of ethanol but the solvent is always below safety levels outlined in California’s Proposition 65.

CBD isolates undergo winterization which involves the use of solvents combined with low temperatures to pull out all of the chlorophyll, lipids, waxes, and terpenes which produces an odorless, tasteless CBD concentrate. The isolate is further emulsified in fractionated coconut oil (MCT).

Bluebird Botanicals Laboratory Testing

How to read CBD lab results and COA

One of the things that we really like about Bluebird Botanicals is its transparency. All of the lab results for their products are published online and are easy to locate. They use third-party laboratory testing to ensure purity. Every batch offered by Bluebird Botanicals undergoes stringent third-party testing.

Bluebird Botanicals Product Offerings

Below you will find a chart outlining all of the products currently offered by Bluebird Botanicals.

Hemp Extract OilBluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Complete

Bluebird Botanicals Signature
250mg per CBD per ounce

CBD oil extract mixed with hemp seed oil

Full-spectrum extract

Contains raw and heated cannabinoids

50% decarboxylated CBD and 50% non-decarboxylated

Steam distilled hemp extract

Signature is a blend of frankincense & black seed oil
Concentrated CBD OilBluebird Botanicals Classic 6x

Bluebird Botanicals Complete 6x

Bluebird Botanicals Signature 6x
1500mg of cannabinoids per ounce

Organic hemp seed oil


Signature 6x is blended with frankincense and black seed oil
THC Free CBD OilBluebird Botanicals THC Free CBD Oil1500mg of CBD per ounce

Mixed with MCT oil
CBD CreamBluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Silk Lotion

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Essential Lotion

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD Sport Lotion
Silk lotion is a combination of full-spectrum hemp extraction mixed with coconut oil, jojoba, and essential oil.

Essential oil is a mix of CBD, full-spectrum hemp extract coconut oil, jojoba and carrot oil.

Sportlotion is a mix of full-spectrum hemp extract, mint, jojoba, arnica, and ginger.
Hemp CBD CapsulesBluebird Botanicals Hemp CBD CapsulesMix of full-spectrum hemp extract with organic virgin hemp seed.

5+mg of cannabinoids
Soft gel capsule

Available in 60 to 120 count

The gel cap is made of water, gelatin, and glycerin
Concentrated CBD CapsulesBluebird Botanicals Concentrated CBD CapsulesFull-spectrum hemp extract mixed with hemp seed oil

Contains 15+ mg of CBD oil per capsule

Available in 30 and 60 count
CBD IsolateBluebird Botanicals CBD Isolate96-99.0 percent pure

Crystalline form


Also available in bulk
CBD Vape OilBluebird Botanicals CBD Vape Juice1000 mg of CBD per ounce of vape juice or 0.33 mg of CBD per ounce of vape juice

Made up of:
USP Grade Propylene Glycol, CBD Isolate, hemp-CBD crystalline extract, USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine
CBD Pet ProductsBluebird Botanicals Companion Oil 250 mg

Bluebird Botanicals Companion Capsules

Bluebird Botanicals Concentrated Capsules
A mix of CBD hemp seed oil with organic virgin hemp seed oil

Oil contains 250 mg of of CBD

Capsules contain 5 mg of CBD

Concentrated CBD capsules contain 15mg of CBD

Pricing for Bluebird Botanicals

Bluebird Botanicals offers affordable pricing but for those who cannot afford the products, they have an assistance program to help pay the bill.

  • Hemp extract oil: $9.95-$159.95 USD
  • Concentrated CBD oil: $44.95-$649.95 USD
  • THC free CBD oil: $29.95-$399.95 USD
  • CBD Cream: $59.96 USD
  • Hemp CBD Capsules: $24.95-$48.95 USD
  • Concentrated CBD Capsules: $39.95- $74.95 USD
  • CBD Isolate: $24.95-$399.95 USD
  • Bulk CBD Isolate $1,000 – $7500 USD
  • CBD Vape Juice: $19.95-$49.95 USD
  • CBD Pet Products: $9.95-$74.95 USD

Packaging and Shipping

Bluebird Botanicals offers international shipping. Their items are always wrapped in discreet packaging for your privacy.

Contact Information

410 S Arthur Ave,Louisville, CO 80027



Bluebird Botanicals CBD Review

Quality - 8
Value - 8.3
Customer Service & Support - 8.2
Brand & Product Transparency - 8.9


User Rating: 3.45 ( 1 votes)

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