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CandroPharm Review

Our Score:
7.4 Out Of 10

User Ratings: 3.4/5

  • 3rd Party
    Lab Tested
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • USDA
  • US Hemp
  • GMO Free


Many people shy away from white label companies because they don’t know the origins of the products. However, CandroPharm is a stickler for quality. All of their CBD is produced under ISO 9001:2015 conditions and HACCP. They offer both white and private label CBD items.

CandroPharm’s CBD products are THC free and most are 99.95 percent pure cannabidiol. In fact, they were the first company to offer truly THC free CBD products. CandroPharm has more than 15 years of experience in the hemp industry. They carry CBD oils, sprays, crystals, and powders. Their products are also vegan-friendly plus free of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

CandroPharm has gained worldwide recognition and respect due to the purity and effectiveness of their products. They were one of the first in the world to bring nanotechnology to CBD. In addition, they are very affordable compared to other similar brands.

Who are CandroPharm Products Good For?

CandroPharm will appeal to anyone who is looking for a quality CBD product at an affordable price. Those who are looking for new natural ways to relive pain are often attracted to the products because of their pharmaceutical promise. CandroPharm CBD items are also preferred by those who want the purity of an isolate and which to abstain from THC.

Pros and Cons of CandroPharm

  • GMP certification
  • Affordable Prices
  • Vegan-friendly
  • CBD products produced under ISO 9001:2015 conditions and HACCP to ensure quality
  • Does not publish lab results online
  • Does not say where the hemp is grown

Materials, Sourcing, and Testing

CandroPharm’s website fails to say where the hemp is grown for its products. However, they do state that all of the hemp that goes into their products is organically grown. Each batch does undergo testing and receives a certificate of analysis. Third-party laboratories check the microbiological plus chemical purity while evaluating residues. However, you must ask for the results because they are not published online. It would be nice if CandroPharm published exactly where the hemp was farmed rather than being elusive.

CandroPharm’s Extraction Process

The extraction process for CandroPharm is a mystery. They do not go over extraction on their website. On the site, they simply state that all hemp goes through a technical process to obtain the cannabinoids. Sadly, there is no enlightenment on what type of ‘technical’ process is used.

Flavor and Appearance

The flavor and appearance of the various products offered by CandroPharm vary. Their full-spectrum oils are darker and have a very strong earthy flavor. Their isolates are a bit smoother and less strong with virtually no flavor plus lighter in appearance. Sadly, they do not offer flavored blends which many people find appealing.

CandroPharm Certifications

CandroPharm has its GMP certification. They also have HACCP. Plus they meet all ISO 9001:2015 conditions.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

The various batches at CandroPharm go through third-party laboratory testing. CandroPharm offers a really nice selection of CBD products but we were very disappointed to find out that they do not publish their third-party lab results online. You have to purchase one of their products and when you receive the item you can contact the company to provide them with the batch result so they can send you the lab testing results. This process is complicated and takes time. Most people do not want to buy a product without seeing the lab results. It feels like a dishonest way to veil the results. If they have nothing to hide, then why don’t they publish the results online for each batch? At least having the results online would let the person more easily look up the different batches to verify the purity. Sadly, the difficulty of obtaining third party laboratory results makes many people pass by the company and order another brand that is more transparent.

CBD Product Offerings

Below you will find an overview of the many products offered by CandroPharm.

CBD Hemp Seed OilCandroPharm 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 mgAvailable in the2,5%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% concentrations

THC free

Has a purity percentage of 99.5%

Virtually tasteless

CandroPure Full-Spectrum OilsCandroPure Full-Spectrum Oil 50 mg with 5% CBD

CandroPure Full-Spectrum Oil 100 mg with 10% CBD

CandroPure Full-Spectrum 150 mg with 15% CBD
Contains CBN, CBV, CBG, CBC, terpenes and flavonoids


Earthy and plant-like flavor
Water-Soluble CBD ProductsCandromist Brain

CBD Ultra


Candromist Discomfort

Candromist Calm
Herbal mixtures of CBD and various herbs to target specific

The CBD molecules are rendered smaller for rapid absorption into cells.

CrystalsCBD 99 Isolate CrystalsTHC Free

99.5% pure

Undergoes extensive processing to achieve purity

CapsulesCandroCaps 25 mg CBD per capsule

CandroVita 25 mg CBD per capsule

Candrozzz 25 mg CBD per capsule
CandroCaps combine CBD with turmeric and glucosamine

CandroVita combines Vitamin C, D3 and Vitamin B12 with CBD

Candrozzz combines melatonin with Passion Flower Extract
Licorice Root Extract
Jujube Fruit Extract’’


Cellulose (Plant Origin) and CBD
Pet ProductsCandrofera 500 mg

Candrofera 1000 mg
A CBD oil product for dogs.

THC free

Potency and Recommended Dosage

CandroPharm suggests that you do not exceed 50 mg per day. If you are new to using CBD then you should start out with a low dose and increase as needed. Also, avoid taking any CBD product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It would be nice if CandroPharm offered more extensive dosing instructions on their website.

Shipping and Ordering/Packaging

CandroPharm does ship to the UK and Europe. Please check your local laws before ordering. The product arrives in discreet packaging which is a perk for many people who like to maintain their privacy.

Contact Information

Mailing Address
friedrich- naumann- str.3
51145 köln

Visiting Address
CandroPharm bv
CandroPharm international
schootensedreef 25
5708 hz helmond
The Netherlands

Contact CandroPharm
+49 (0)221 177351 32
[email protected]

CandroPharm Summary

Quality - 8
Value - 8
Customer Service & Support - 7.8
Brand & Product Transparency - 5.7


User Rating: 3.38 ( 3 votes)

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