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CannabiGold Brand Review

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8 Out Of 10

User Ratings: 3.6/5

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  • GMO Free

CannabiGold is HemPoland’s CBD product line. HemPoland was the first privately owned Polish company to obtain a license granting them the right to grow and manufacture hemp. The brand is oversaw by a team of several dozen people who are experts in the cannabis industry. All products undergo meticulous quality control to guarantee purity. CannabiGold has gained acclaim across Europe due to its quality.

HempPoland not only buys hemp but they also grow their own for processing. Their products are rich in phytocannabinoids for a whole plant experience.

All of the hemp that goes into CannabiGold has undergone extensive testing to select the best strains. During the growth of the hemp plants, HemPoland tests the plants to maintain the necessary levels of cannabinoids and purity prior to harvesting and extraction. Plant testing during the growing cycle is one of the steps that very few, if any brands, undertake. Obviously, the hemp crop farming practices are the first step in guaranteeing the purity of any CBD product which is why CannabiGold takes it seriously.

Who are CannabiGold Products Good For?

CannabiGold is ideal for anyone. The purity of their products and the fact they are good grade makes them a favorite with those focused on healthy living.

Materials, Sourcing, and Testing

Images of hemp

All of the hemp used in CannabiGold is grown organically and with sustainable farming practices in Poland. During the plant’s growth cycle, they perform ongoing tests to ensure cannabinoid levels and purity. The soil that supports the hemp plants is free of possible contaminants such as heavy metals or pesticides which can accidentally be absorbed by the plant’s fibers. The organic cultivation practices are just one additional step that CannabiGold takes to provide a truly natural product for their customers.

CannabiGold’s Extraction Process

Nowadays, almost all CBD companies perform CO2 extraction because it leaves behind no solvent residue. However. HemPoland uses a slow CO2 extraction process to pull premium cannabinoids from the plant’s fibers. The slow process lets them also pull an abundance of terpenes, waxes, flavonoids, and terpenes from the cannabis to create a true full-spectrum product that works with the body’s endocannabinoid system

Flavor and Appearance

CannabiGold’s oils are brimming with cannabinoids. The oil is rich and dark. The taste is typical of a full-spectrum oil. It is very plant-like and earthy. Many people cannot tolerate the taste of a full-spectrum oil. They compare the flavor to grass or hay which is highly unpalatable. Such would-be customers might opt to purchase CannabiGold’s capsules which are easy to swallow and contain a single pre-measured dose of CBD per capsule.

CannabiGold’s Certifications

HemPoland received the organic certification from EKOGWARANCJA PTRE. The certificate comes from the Polish Center for Accreditation which functions on the authority of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. The certificate given is the PL-EKO-01 EU. The certification is very well respected throughout Europe.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

Many would say that HemPoland puts its CannabiGold line through more testing than just about any company. However, they do not go through third party laboratory testing. In our opinion, this is a serious mistake. Yes, it’s nice that CannabiGold tests in-house but many would feel that those test results might be altered or untrustworthy. Ideally, all brands should undergo third-party testing so you know that you can trust the results that are provided. Another thing that we do not like about the in-house test results is that you cannot view them online. Instead, you must purchase the item and then contact CannabiGold for the test results. Many people base their decision on whether or not to buy a CBD product on the test results. It often feels like a company is trying to hide things when they do not offer lab findings. It is a veiled effort to keep the consumer in the dark.

CBD Product Offerings

CannabiGold Classic 500mg CBD
CannabiGold Classic 500mg CBD Oil

Below you will find an overview of the products offered by CannabiGold. All of their products are filled with phytocannabinoids. Sadly, we were a little disappointed with the fact that they do not offer a wide array of CBD items to choose between. We can understand that they are a full-spectrum company that does not offer isolates, but it would be nice if there was more diversity to their product line. Topicals are sadly missing. Edibles such as gummies are also not available. Pet owners will be sadly disappointed to not be able to buy treats or oils for Fido or Kitty.

OilCannabigold Classic 500mg

Cannabigold Balance 1000mg

Olejek CBD Cannabigold Premium 1500mg

Cannabigold Intense 3000
The oil is full-spectrum and brimming with phytocannabinoids.
CapsulesCannabigold Smart 10 capsule pack and Cannabigold Smart 30 capsule pack containing 10mg per capsuleEasy to swallow

Filled with cannabinoids

Potency and Recommended Dosage

CannabiGold capsules should contain 10 mg of CBD. They recommend that you take one capsule twice a day. The recommended dosage for their oil is one drop twice a day. However, this is probably an entry-level dosage. Many people who regularly take CBD require a higher dose. If you feel that you need a higher dose to obtain the results that you seek then please feel free to increase the percentage or discuss the situation with your physician.

Pricing for CannabiGold

Oils – $29-$240 euro

Capsules – 9.90 – 25.00 euro

Shipping and Ordering/Packaging

CannabiGold is shipped throughout Europe in discreet packaging. They also have retailers in Austria and Germany.


Quality - 8
Effectiveness - 8.5
Customer Service & Support - 8.2
Transparency & Accuracy - 6.7
Value for money - 8
Price - 8.8


User Rating: 3.63 ( 8 votes)

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