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Canopy Growth Review

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6.1 Out Of 10

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  • 3rd Party
    Lab Tested
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • USDA
  • US Hemp
  • GMO Free


Canopy Growth (previously known as Tweed Marijuana Inc) has the distinction of being the first CBD company traded publically in Canada. They continue to command the market by being the first and only cannabis company to claim membership in the global stock market index. In May 2018, they became the first cannabis company to achieve listing with the New York Stock Exchange. Their subsidiary Tweed took the forward step to introduce the standard concept for Compassionate Pricing which enables low-income patients the ability to purchase medical cannabis. In addition, the company supports the right to grow at home. They also market a large number of legal seeds to consumers. Canopy Growth has also partnered with a Fortune 500 alcoholic beverage supplier to create further cannabis-based products for their customers.

Canadians cannot purchase Canopy Growth products on their website but they can learn about them. The company’s sister site, Spectrum Therapeutics sells the products to those who are registered patients living in Canada.

Canopy Growth CBD Products

Canopy Growth sells many cannabis products but for this review, we will focus only on their CBD items.

All of the Canopy Growth products are sold through their company Spectrum Therapeutics. Canopy Growth only produces and sells medical-grade cannabis items. They offer oils, concentrates, and soft gel caps extracted from marijuana and hemp. Their products are designed for loss of appetite, pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and seizures.

Manufacturing Process of Canopy Growth


Canopy Growth uses CO2 extraction to pull the cannabinoids from the plant’s fibers. The resin is then mixed using a food oil carrier to make it suitable for oral administration. If you want only a CBD product then the THC is guaranteed to be less than 0.3 percent and pulled from industrial hemp instead of marijuana as their other products are. They offer cannabis oils that contain all different ratios of THC and CBD to meet their medical clients’ needs.

Who are Canopy Growth Products Good For?

A medical cannabis distributor, Canopy Growth caters to customers who suffer from medical conditions such as pain, nausea, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite. Currently, they only ship their products to Canadians In addition, the company runs cannabis-based research all over the world to learn more ways that the cannabinoids of the plan can help with medical conditions

Canopy Growth Specs

With this chart, you can quickly peruse Canopy Growth Specs to determine if they are a CBD company of interest to your own unique needs. 

Materials  Non-GMO Seeds 
Farming Practices  Organic cultivation in Canada 
Extraction  Co2 Extraction 
Testing  Extensive lab testing to confirm that all cannabis products are pharmaceutical products. 
Certifications  GMP certification
Shipping  Canadian Shipping to Canadian residents only 
Return Policy No known return policy 
Attributes Non-GMO, Pesticide free, 100 percent free of artificial flavors

Flavor and Appearance of Canopy Growth CBD Oils 

All of the oils offered by Canopy Grown on their Spectrum Therapeutic’s site are full spectrum. They appear a golden hue. Many people do not like the earthy and plant-like taste of full-spectrum oils so they offer flavored varieties to make it more palatable. 

Packaging and Shipping

CBD Shipping image

As a medical-grade product, all of Canopy Growth’s products are packaged discreetly. They offer to ship only to Canadians. You also must be a registered patient to have their products shipped to you. 

Lab Testing at Canopy Growth 

Canopy Growth performs all of its own laboratory testing plus third party testing. Because cannabis is known as a soil remediator, they put their products through very rigorous pesticide testing on site. In addition, they check for all other impurities plus cannabinoid ratios. 

Canopy Growth Product Offerings

As mentioned, all Canopy Growth products are sold on their sister site Spectrum Therapeutics 

Spectrum Therapeutics Yellow Cannabis Oil20 mg CBDFull-spectrum oil

.1 percent THC

Comes with a 1 mL syringe

Effects last for up to 12 hours
Spectrum Therapeutics Yellow Softgels20 mg CBD or 5 mg CBDEasy to swallow

Effects last for up to 12 hours

.1 percent THC

Full Spectrum

Spectrum Therapeutics JWC Cannatonic Flower | Hybrid10 to 13 percent CBD.1 percent THC

Plant material

Derived from a strain that belongs to theCraftGrow Collection.


Pricing for Canopy Growth’s CBD Products 

  • Softgels: $19.20 – $72.00 Canadian 
  • Flower: $60 Canadian
  • Oil – $90 Canadian
Contact Information

1 Hershey Dr, Smiths Falls,
ON K7A 3K8, Canada

020 3966 3850
Official Site

Canopy Brand

Quality - 5.6
Value - 6.3
Customer Service & Support - 5.7
Brand & Product Transparency - 6.8


If you are a resident of Canada and seeking a quality CBD product, then we highly recommend Canopy Growth. Their pharmaceutical-grade products are far superior to many other CBD products which is why the company is considered Number One in Canada. The company recently purchased the controlling share of Biosteel energy drinks so it will be interesting to see what cannabis/energy drink combinations will hit the market.

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