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At Green Valley Nation, we are dedicated to giving you honest and insightful product reviews. In this article, you will learn about the American company CBDistillery. A Colorado giant, they have gained respect with their top-shelf and affordable CBD products.

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In the United States, CBDistillery has achieved a great deal of fame as a leading CBD company. Founded in 2016, by an enthusiastic group of Colorado natives, they quickly focused on the CBD industry and started to set the bar very high. They wanted to offer high-quality products at a fair price to their consumers.

At CBDistillery, you will find quality full-spectrum products that have been scientifically engineered for optimum potency. All of the cannabidiol that goes into each product is carefully extracted. The oils retain all of the terpenes and cannabinoids of the hemp plant. However, if you are seeking a pure CBD isolate then you won’t be disappointed because they offer some of the best THC-free oils and powders/crystals.

Unlike many CBD brands that are simply marketed on their manufacturer’s site, the CBDistillery wants their customers to understand the hemp plant and its many cannabinoids. Their site is filled with information that newbies and even experienced consumers will find educational and insightful.

Who are CBDistillery Products Good For?

Many people are attracted to the products offered by CBDistillery. If you are health conscious then you might be seeking one of their products to add to your daily regime of supplements. Even pet owners are happy with the full CBD pet line offered.

Pros and Cons of CBDistillery

  • GMP certification
  • Easy to find third-party lab results for each product sold
  • Offer cost-saving programs to assist the disabled, veterans, and those with low income with the purchase of their products
  • They use ethanol extraction which many consider inferior to CO2 extraction
  • Many complain about the dropper being flimsy

Materials, Sourcing, and Testing

As a soil remediator, the hemp plant can quickly absorb impurities if not grown correctly in clean soil. CBDistillery understands this and only uses hemp cultivated in Colorado fields. All of the hemp is non-GMO. To ensure purity, their products also undergo stringent third-party testing. All items are vegan or vegetarian-friendly

CBDistillery Extraction Process

This is what you will find in the package of CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD Oil
CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil

The CBDistillery uses an ethanol extraction process. Many consider this a subpar extraction method compared to CO2 which might be why CBDistillery does not mention it on their website. Ethanol extraction involves using the solvent ethanol to pull the cannabinoids from the hemp. This method produces a much higher volume of cannabinoids.

Flavor and Appearance

The flavor and appearance of the various products offered by CBDistillery vary. Their full-spectrum oil is yellow and has a plant-like flavor but their isolate oil is virtually flavorless. All of their isolate powders also have no taste.

CBDistillery Certifications

The CBDistillery is certified through the US Hemp Authority Certification Program. They do not have GMP certification.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

ProVerde Laboratories carries out all of the CBDistillery’s third-party laboratory testing. Unlike many other companies, CBDistillery proudly displays its third-party test results on the page of each one of their products. This way, you can look over the lab results before you ever buy the product. There are no secrets at CBDistillery when it comes to the purity or cannabinoid levels of their products. Their transparency is refreshing compared to many other retailers.

CBD Product Offerings

Below you will find an overview of the many products offered by CBDistillery. All of their products are filled with phytocannabinoids.

Oils (tinctures)Full Spectrum 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 mg

THC-Free Isolate oil 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 mg
A very natural earthy flavor in the full-spectrum oil. Contains less than 0.3 percent THC

The full-spectrum oil is free of additives

Their Isolate is pure and THC free.

Isolates are flavorless and free of all additives
CBD Isolate Powder99 percent pure isolate powder or isolate crystalline powderTHC free


Free of additives

Extracted from aerial hemp plant parts
CBD Capsules25 mg and 30 mg size

60 count

Available in full-spectrum or isolate
Easy to swallow

Gummies30 mg size

30 count
Available in nighttime and daytime formulas.

Can bundle nighttime and daytime together for greater savings

Pleasant taste
Topicals500 mg salve
25 mg lip balm
Absorbs rapidly

VapesDisposable vape pen

200 mg vape cartridges
CBD comes in disposable vape pens or you can purchase vape cartridges to reload your personal vape pen.

Available in a multitude of flavors such as grape, vanilla, berry, strawberries, and others
Pet Products150 and 600 mg tincturesPets find palatable

Available in bundles with a bandana for extra cost-savings

Potency and Recommended Dosage

CBD reviews

Everyone is different about the dosage. If you are a newbie, then you need to start out with the minimum amount and increase as needed. On the CBDistillery site, they recommend taking 30 to 60 mg of CBD per day. However, they state that you must start out using 5 to 10 mg and then wait at three to four hours before repeating the dosage. You should increase it as needed to gain the relief you seek. If you suffer from health problems, then you should seek the advice of your physician before using any CBD product.

Pricing for CBDistillery

Full-spectrum oils (tinctures) – $20-$240 USD

Isolate CBD Oil (tinctures) – $50-$210 USD

Pet tinctures – $19-$38 USD

Gummies – $60-$99 USD

Capsules – $50-$115 USD

Topicals – $6-$50 USD

Vapes – $10-$60 USD

Shipping and Ordering/Packaging

In the United States, CBDistillery products are sold nationwide in various stores. However, you can also order online. They only ship to the US. All products are shipped in discreet packaging.

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Contact Information

CBDistillery USA
Denver, Colorado
CBDistilliry EU office

The CBDistillery LTD
Office 3 Unit R
Penfold Works, Imperial Way
Watford, Herts, United Kingdom WD244YY
+44 208 077 5328



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CBDistillery Summary

Quality - 8.6
Value - 9.2
Customer Service & Support - 8.7
Brand & Product Transparency - 9


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