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Dosist Review

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Among disposable vape pen brands, Dosist has one of the highest public profiles on the market. First introduced as ‘hmbldt’ in 2016, Dosist has attracted plenty of start-up awards, landed on best-of lists in technology and cannabis publications, and drawn plenty of investors and capital. Particularly in its home city of Los Angeles, Dosist has worked hard to establish itself as a premium wellness brand and a design and technology leader, even if in doing so it sometimes seems to distance itself from the cannabis industry. 

A Bit About the Brand

If you’ve heard about Dosist at all before, it’s because they have an impressive, and persistent, marketing machine. California’s legalization reforms in 2016 were well timed for the company, which became one of the most visible brands of disposable vape pens, distinguishing itself by its controlled-dose technology. 

As the vape-related illness crisis swept across the United States, Dosist was among the most vocal advocates for the legal industry, distancing itself from additives in vape pens and cartridges. And the company has been at the forefront in the trend to rebrand the cannabis industry as a “wellness industry.

Dosist is primarily a cannabis company, not a CBD company. Of its lineup of six formulas, only one — ‘calm’ — is CBD-dominant; the others start at 2:1 THC:CBD, and increase to as high as 11:1. The brand doesn’t yet offer an all-CBD product, and all of its products are derived from marijuana oils, not hemp. 

So, strictly speaking, Dosist isn’t exactly a CBD brand. They have no CBD-only offerings, and the usual array of oils, gummies, tinctures is absent here. A single CBD-dominant vape is the closest Dosist gets to being a CBD product. This is hardly a knock against the company, but potential customers should be clear on the fact that Dosist pens are products that will, for the most part, get you high, and are absent the usual non-psychoactivity that many CBD products promote. 

It is one of the features that makes Dosist a hard product to categorize. The overlap between the cannabis space and the wellness space is populated with many CBD-related brands; for customers, CBD’s non-psychoactivity (and thus the ability to take it whenever) is a key feature. 

So a THC-heavy lineup, while it has definite wellness potential, may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you’re an on-the-go CBD user. Though there is a CBD-dominant option, one of the brand’s main selling points is the variety in formulas, so CBD-only users may not find this brand to be a great fit for them.

With that said, if you’re someone who does use a bit of THC in their wellness routine, or especially if you’re someone who is looking for somewhere to start with THC, then Dosist offers a pretty appealing package. Users generally find that the pens work (and look) good, and deliver effects that are consistent with what the company predicts. For newer users especially, the consistency of the 2.25 mg dose offers precise control over the device.

Materials, Ingredients and Manufacturing Process 

The key feature that makes Dosist pens unique is their dose-control technology, which  meters out a 2.25mg dose of THC/CBD oil formula every time. The pen vibrates once the user has hit that dose, and stops dispensing beyond it. The idea behind it is that controlling the dose gives the user the ability to fine-tune their use, more closely approximating the way someone might use a vitamin or supplement. 

As for the oil inside, Dosist pens contain the brand’s proprietary formulas. Rather than basing them around specific cannabis strains, Dosist designs its formulas around intended outcomes: for example bliss, passion, arouse, sooth, and calm. 

The oil itself is derived from distilled cannabis oils and terpenes, rather than from isolates. “Within our formulation 88% is comprised of major cannabinoids THC and CBD as well as minor cannabinoids such as CBC and CBG,” says the brand, adding that the rest of the oil “consists of the natural terpene profiles developed by Dosist to provide the greatest level of efficacy.”

Packaging & Branding 

Complementing Dosist’s pen technology is its distinctive design. Even since it went by the name hmbldt, Dosist’s pens have been receiving praise for their user-friendly, sleek design. The pens have a distinctive, cylindrical look that has been described as ‘tampon-like,’ which is completely accurate.

The emphasis on modern design isn’t incidental, either — it’s integral to what Dosist offers to the consumer: an aesthetically-pleasing experience, as cool as it is functional, in hopes of elevating the user’s perception from fancy vape pen to essential wellness item.

That impulse drives a lot of what Dosist seems to think and say about itself. The look is more Silicon Valley than sativa, more Instagram than indica — which is to say, the company doesn’t call itself a CBD company or a cannabis company, but rather a “health and happiness company founded on the premise that cannabis-based medicine can bring healing to the masses.” 

Even though the products are sold through dispensaries, from its millennial-friendly muted colour palette to its minimalist aesthetic, Dosist seems eager to distance itself from the rest of the recreational cannabis market.

Transparency & Lab Results 

Dosist is quite upfront about how carefully it tests all its products. Each batch goes through four separate tests at different stages of the production process. The final lab test results, which test for pesticides, microbiological and residual solvents, as well as for cannabinoid and terpene quantities, are accessible to customers online by entering the batch number on the product packaging. It’s an easy enough system to navigate, and in line with what the industry standards seem to be. It is not clear whether the formulas are third party tested, or tested by Dosist themselves.

[Sample Lab Test]

Pros and cons of Dosist

  • Easy to use
  • Great design
  • Consistent dose
  • Various available blends
  • Widely available
  • Expensive relative to other disposables
  • Non-recyclable
  • THC-heavy product line

Product Lineup 

The Dosist pen lineup comes in six blends, each geared towards a different intended experience. All blends come in two sizes: a 50-dose size and a larger 200-dose format.

The only CBD dominant blend is the Calm formula, at 1:10 THC to CBD, meant for relaxation and to reduce stress. 

The Final Word

Bottom line on the Dosist pen is that it is an attractive vape pen, and unique on a technical level — but otherwise not all that different from most other disposable vape pens. The brand has certainly established itself, but within the CBD market Dosist’s footprint is relatively slim — just one pen variety.

As the brand (and the industry) matures, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Dosist expand their offerings.

Our Verdict

Quality - 9
Value - 8.5
Customer Service & Support - 9.5
Transparency & Accuracy - 9


User Rating: 4.03 ( 4 votes)

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