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Formula Swiss Review

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Formula Swiss is a family-owned business located in Zug, Switzerland. The business offers premium nutritional products for consumers in Europe. They put their customers first and stand behind them. The company was formed in 2013 by Robin Roy Krigslund-Handson. He had worked as an online marketing professional with 21 years of experience in the hemp industry. It seemed like a natural transition for him to head up a major CBD brand that promotes purity and healthy living. As was characteristic of Mr. Krigslund-Handson, he threw his full weight behind the creation of Formula Swiss and it quickly grew to become a complete family business.

All of the hemp used is sourced from trusted Swiss farms that only practice organic and sustainable cultivation. They use CO2 extraction to ensure purity.

Human trials in Asia are carried out by Formula Swiss. They are also starting human clinical trials in South America. The goal of the research is to learn more about the benefits of CBD. Formula Swiss does not want to make untrue claims about CBD so they work to back the cannabinoid’s benefits with hard evidence obtained through in-depth research.

The extreme steps of actually funding research reveal how committed Formula Swiss is to their products. They truly seem to care if they offer a superior and effective CBD item to their customers. Obviously, they do not wish to make bogus health claims but want to promote research to get clearcut answers about the benefits of CBD.

They provide numerous perks for shopping with them such as the following:

  • Auto-shipment provided for most of their products
  • Free gifts to loyal customers
  • Frequent promotions
  • Email and social media coupons and promotions

Formula Swiss not only provides a wide array of CBD products but they also offer other supplements, superfoods, and weight loss items. Many consider them a one-stop health supply site.

Who are Formula Swiss Products Good For?

Formula Swiss targets individuals of all ages who want to live a healthy lifestyle. They also offer CBD items that are beneficial to those who are looking for a natural relief for pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.

Pros and Cons of Formula Swiss

  • Uses CO2 extraction to ensure purity
  • Perks for customer loyalty
  • Organic Swiss hemp
  • Doesn't publish lab results

Materials, Sourcing, and Testing

All of the hemp that goes into Formula Swiss is grown organically in Switzerland. Their products undergo strict third-party testing to ensure that they do not contain parabens, pesticides, nicotine, herbicides, artificial dyes, or toxins such as solvents, heavy metal, or synthetic cannabinoid.

Formula Swiss Extraction Process

Formula Swiss relies on supercritical CO2 extraction technology to ensure purity. CO2 extraction is solvent-free and environmentally-friendly. The final product is rich in phytocannabinoids but free of harsh chemicals or other impurities. Many consider CO2 the extraction method of choice for those seeking a medical-grade product.

Flavor and Appearance

As with any full spectrum CBD products, you will taste an earthy flavor. Some people like the tinge of plant flavor but others might not like it. Without a doubt, it can be a bit overpowering. Luckily, Formula Swiss sells flavored CBD oils. You can choose from orange, strawberry, mint, and vanilla. The flavors make the oils more palatable.

Full-spectrum oils are always dark because they have not been stripped of their plant profile. Many people mistakenly believe that dark oils somehow lack purity. However, this is not true. All CBD oils from Formula Swiss are pure and free of solvents or impurities.

Formula Swiss Certifications

Formula Swiss manufactures all of their hemp products following Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs) and Good Documentation Practices (GDPs). Everything produced is packaged locally by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers. These certifications are a nice touch for consumers because they can rest assured they are getting a quality product.

Third-Party Laboratory Testing

All of the products offered by Formula Swiss undergo third-party testing to ensure purity. However, they do not publish the results. This is a huge inconvenience for the consumer. We feel it is difficult to wait to receive your order and then take the extra step of containing them to obtain laboratory results. It would be nice if they would at least post a basic rundown of the tests so you can decide if the product meets your needs. Obtaining the lab results after purchasing the item seems a bit deceitful.

CBD Product Offerings

Below you will find an overview of Formula Swiss products.

CBD Oils
CBD Oil Drops in Olive Oil 3-25% (300-2.500 mg)
CBD Oil Drops in Hemp Seed Oil 3-25% (300-2.500 mg)
CBD Oil Drops in MCT Oil Natural 3-25%* (300-2.500 mg

*Other flavors for the MCT version: Orange, strawberry, and vanilla.
Less than 2% THC

The MCT version is available also in orange, strawberry, and vanilla flavors

No additives
CBD Creams and Balms
CBD Skin Cream 100 mg, 30 ml
CBD Heat Cream 100 mg, 30 ml
CBD Heat Cream 100 mg, 30 ml
CBD Muscle Cream 100 mg, 30 ml
CBD balm Sensitive
CBD balm Tattoo
CBD balm Vegan
Available in vegan and sensitive formulas

Choose from chocolate, natural, and coffee

Mixed with coconut shea butter
CBD for Pets3% to 5% in hemp seed oil or olive oil
Specifically formulated for dogs, cats, and horses by a veterinarian

Contains less than 2% THC
Skin Care
Ultimate Solution - Skin Cleanser
Curactin 100% Natural Skin Treatment
Micro Polish - Comprehensive Exfoliation
Rosewood Wonder Drops - Phyto Serum
Rehydrance Nite - Night Moisturizer
These products do not contain CBD
Organic Wheatgrass Powder from New Zealand
Organic Spirulina Powder
Organic Hemp Protein Powder
Organic Guarana Powder
Organic Chlorella Powder
These products do not contain CBD
Diet & Weightloss
Garcinia+ Metabolism Management Formula - 60 tablets
GlucoTrim+ Weight Management Formula - 60 tablets
GreenLIQ - Green Tea Extract with Licorice
Tyrexin Weight Management Formula - 60 tablets
These products do not contain CBD

Potency and Recommended Dosage

All of the products from Formula Swiss are shipped with usage instructions which are easy to follow. They recommend that you take the dosage by placing drops directly under your tongue. Always start out with the lowest dose and increases as needed. You can also ask your physician about dosing instructions if you are unsure.

Pricing for Formula Swiss

  • CBD Oils for humans and pets – $14 – $255 USD
  • CBD Creams/Balms – $4.35 – $38.48 USD

Shipping and Ordering/Packaging

Formula Swiss ships throughout the USA and their European branch ships throughout Europe. They ship using discreet packaging.

Contact Information

Formula Swiss AG
Blegistrasse 13
6340 Baar

(+44) 1344 595 667
Official Site

Formula Swiss Summary

Quality - 8.3
Value - 7.5
Customer Service & Support - 6
Brand & Product Transparency - 6


User Rating: 3.98 ( 4 votes)

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