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Ignite CBD Review

Our Score:
6.8 Out Of 10

User Ratings: 3.5/5

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If you are one of the more than 30 million people who follow Instagram playboy-turned cannabis entrepreneur, Dan Bilzerian, you are probably already familiar with Ignite CBD. Ignite is a branded distillation of all things Bilzerian: bombastic marketing, a slick gunmetal aesthetic, and products that aim for “substance over promise, results over hype.” It would be hard to find a CBD brand marketed with more bikini-clad women than Ignite. He’s not doing this entirely on his own: to launch the company, Bilzerian teamed up with cannabis industry mogul Matthew Lee Morgan

Ignite Pros & Cons

  • variety of products
  • products with CBD & CBG
  • range of dose potency options
  • free shipping on larger orders
  • little information about source
  • lab test results difficult to find
  • no shipping to ID, IA, KS

About Ignite CBD 

What’s the story behind Ignite?

Founded in 2017, Ignite  constantly courts controversy, as it’s never quite able to separate itself from the reputation of its founder. At various points, Bilzerian has been hit with accusations of tax evasion, fraud, and a range of legal controversies, including the time he allegedly kicked a woman in the head in a Miami nightclub, and the time the was arrested on felony explosive charges for detonating a homemade bomb outside of Las Vegas.

Controversy aside, Ignite appears to take a fairly conventional approach to CBD products: gummies, oils, tinctures and topicals round-out their lineup. The company claims (like many others) to use high quality isolates as well as broad spectrum and full spectrum cannabis extracts for effective and potent CBD products. It also offers many topical options like sports creams and bath bombs, which fits with the company’s active and athletic target market. 

Ignite is also showing some willingness to experiment with products; namely, through its line of CBD-infused toothpicks. But before you roll your eyes, consider this: there are some studies showing that CBD could have benefits for your dental and oral health, and when used properly, toothpicks can have a similar function as flossing.  

Packaging & Branding

Ignite’s all-black packaging is sleek, easy to read, and makes a bolder statement than many CBD brands that opt for a lighter, more minimalist or “natural” approach.  It does communicate something that Ignite may or may not intend: that this is CBD for men. More specifically, this is a CBD for bros. If a CBD brand and a pre-workout protein shake had a child, it might look a little bit like Ignite. 

Materials, Ingredients and Manufacturing Process

Ignite makes a lot of promises and bold proclamations about the quality of its products. 

Among them: selective partnerships; only the finest sources; premium, industry-leading products; natural, consistent and reliably clean products. A lot of this is marketing jargon and might be misleading or confusing to consumers who do not know much about CBD.

In reality, there is very little information available on Ignite’s website pertaining to its manufacturing process, cannabis sources, growing facilities, or any manufacturing certifications. 

Ignite uses CBD isolates, for pure CBD products, as well as broad- and full-spectrum cannabis extracts, which use more of the plant to encourage the entourage effect

Testing Results

Ignite says it “tests and retests every batch for pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria, microbials, and anything else that could possibly harm you,” but those tests are difficult to find.

Customers are able to easily access test results by inputting their product’s batch number on the Ignite website. It’s not the most intuitive process if you are trying to get test results before you purchase. It was a bit challenging to ultimately locate Ignite’s database of testing results by poking around the website. The company tests for total CBD per unit, cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, solvent analysis, heavy metal testing, microbiological screening, and other chemical residues. The tests appear to be performed by a variety of different labs, and each product is tested for a slightly different set of attributes. 

Customer Service 

Ignite offers a 30-day return policy, and a one-year warranty for any of its vape pen devices. But as mentioned above, attempts to reach someone at the company to get a bit more information were unsuccessful (save for an automatically generated and entirely unrelated response asking for information about wholesale revenues and volumes of product sold, and in which states we planned to sell Ignite products). 

Product Lineup

CBD Gummies

  • 200MG CBD Isolate Gummies:  20mg of CBD per gummy, sold in three flavours — Cherry, Lemon, and Orange. The product is vegan, gluten- and dairy-free.
    • Large Pack: 10 gummies per package for $20 ($2 per 20mg gummy)
    • Small Pack: two gummies per package for $7 ($3.5 per 20mg gummy)
  • 200MG Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies – 20mg of CBD per gummy, sold in three flavours — Cherry, Lemon, and Orange; vegan, gluten- and dairy-free, and includes other terpenes found in the cannabis plant to encourage the entourage effect. 
    • Large Pack: 10 gummies per package for $20 ($2 per 20mg gummy)
    • Small Package: 2  gummies for $7 ($3.5 per g20mg gummy)  

Oils & Tinctures

  • 350MG Broad Spectrum CBG Oil Drops – 30 ml bottle, includes both CBD and CBG, which gives the oil an uplifting, energizing effect; contains a “proprietary terpene blend.”
  • 350MG Broad Spectrum CBN Oil Drops – 30 ml bottle, includes both CBD and CBN, which gives the oil a calming, sedative effect; contains a “proprietary terpene blend.” 
  • 1000MG Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Drops – 30 ml bottle, comes in three different blends — focus, recharge, and calm
  • 1000MG CBD Oil Drops – comes in a variety of flavours, and uses CBD isolate. 
  • Ignite ONE Vape device –  rechargeable; starter kit comes with two 150mg CBD pods, which can be purchased separately in a variety of flavours and blends, including Pink Chill (Calm), Blood Orange (Lucid), and Cool Menthol (Recharge)
  • 250MG Disposable Vape Pens – 2mg of CBD per puff; THC-free.


  • 1000MG CBD Sport Cream – includes approx. 33 mg CBD per use; contains a “powerful herbal formula” and delivers a cooling sensation for$45
  • 1000MG CBD Roll-on oil – moisturizes skin using 100% plant-based materials, and comes in unscented, lavender, and rosemary-lemon flavour for $30
  • 50MG CBD Lip Balm – unscented and cherry flavours for $12 


  • CBD-infused Toothpick Pack – CBD infused into the American Birchwood toothpick; 250MG per pack (25mg CBD per toothpick); promises “immediate absorption” and fast-acting effects; contains vitamin B12; comes in six flavours. $27. 

Bottom Line

By all indications, Ignite CBD offers quality products that deliver on their promises. Users report good experiences with the CBD products, which are said to be fast-acting and effective. There is a wide variety of products and formulations, affordable prices, and flexible return policies. The lack of transparency around lab-testing, quality control, manufacturing facilities and customer service is a concern, though the company does claim to have all these things in order. If you’re willing to trust Ignite, it has the potential to be a top CBD brand. 

Of course, Ignite isn’t just about the CBD. You’re not just buying CBD — to some extent, you’re buying into an entire lifestyle brand, image, and company. You’re buying into Dan Bilzerian, and as the Canadian cannabis industry’s response to Ignite demonstrates, that prompts a lot of other questions about inclusion, equity, and ultimately, who does and does not feel comfortable in the CBD industry. 

But if you’ve ever looked at a box of toothpicks and thought “if only that had CBD in it” — Ignite just might be the brand for you.

Our Verdict

Quality - 7
Value - 6.5
Customer Service & Support - 7.5
Brand & Product Transparency - 6


User Rating: 3.5 ( 1 votes)

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