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Jacob Hooy Review

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Jacob Hooy was founded in 1743 as a simple spice and herb shop on Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. The company is highly respected with a designation of Purveyor to the Royal Household which grants the company the right to use the Royal Coat of Arms and the decree, “By Royal Decree Royal Supplier.’ Jacob Hooy is one of only 383 businesses with the right to be heralded as the purveyor to the Royal Household. Today, Jacob Hooy sells CBD products along with other herbal and natural items. CBD choices include oils, capsules, skincare items, soap, sprays, and lip balms.

Who are Jacob Hooy’s products good for?

Jacob Hooy is a homeopathic nature retailer. It caters to individuals who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle and seeking ways to holistically deal with chronic health problems. 

Materials, sourcing, and testing

Jacob Hooy does not say where it gets its hemp. However, its products are supposed to be formulated from organic hemp. All of its products go through third-party laboratory testing but it does not post the test results online. However, customers can inquire after purchase about individual batch results. All of Jacob Hooy’s products are free of THC.

Jacob Hooy extraction process

The extraction process involves cold-pressing hemp seeds to obtain the oil. It also formulates a 25 percent hemp paste from the leaves of the plant. The oil obtained contains not only CBD but also vitamins, minerals, certain proteins, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

Flavor and appearance

Jacob Hooy’s CBD products are flavorless. They do not come in any distinct flavors. The products are contained in brown bottles to protect the ingredients from UV light damage. 

Jacob Hooy certifications

The homeopathic shop Jacob Hooy has no information on its website about a potential GMP certification. However, it is HACCP qualified and working on its ISO22000 certification

Third-party laboratory testing

The Jacob Hooy website states that each batch undergoes testing at a laboratory to ensure the correct CBD content. It also tests to guarantee compliance with European legislation by checking for pesticides, microbiology, and heavy metals in the products. Sadly, it does not post its laboratory results online. However, if you want to know the analysis report for the CBD products you are purchasing, you can contact Jacob Hooy directly to obtain the information.

Jacob Hooy product offerings

Below you will find an overview of the many products offered by Jacob Hooy.

CBD Oil 2.75% 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml
CBD OIl 5% 10 ml, 30 ml, 100 ml
CBD plus Coconut Oil 250 ml
IsolateNo THC

Emulsifier: sunflower lecithin

Obtained from cold pressed hemp seeds and flower/foliage paste
CBD Capsules
10 mg per capsule
60 capsules per bottle
IsolateOne capsule contains 10mg of CBD

CBD Skin Oil

100 ml
CBD OilUsed for dry skin and to treat acne.


Activates the skin’sceramide to create a protective barrier

Contains other helpful ingredients such as helianthus annuus seed oil
CBD Cream

50 ml
Contains CBDHelps balance and nurture


Contains other helpful ingredients such as helianthus annuus seed oil
Lip Balm

4.8 g
CBDHelps hydrate and heal chapped lips


Contains other helpful ingredients such as cannabis sativa oil and calendula officinalis flower extract.
CBD Aqua Spray 10 ml

150 mg per bottle
CBD and aquaA light, refreshing oral spray

CBD Soap

120 ml
CBDAll-natural body soap


Potency and recommended dosage

On the Jacob Hooy website, the company outlines the dosage recommendation for its products. It suggests taking a few drops two to three times per day but not to exceed 15 drops each day. Its CBD + Aqua should be sprayed in the mouth three times per day. When using the CBD capsules, take one per day with a glass of water. You can increase the dosage to two capsules per day if needed. 

Pricing for Jacob Hooy CBD

Jacob Hooy’s CBD products are fairly priced. Below is a chart that outlines the price range for each item. The prices listed are in British Pounds. 

  • Oils – 19.99 to 149.99 ‎£
  • Capsules – 39.99 ‎£
  • Skin Oil – 19.99 ‎£
  • Creams –  15.99 ‎£
  • Lip balm – 3.99 ‎£
  • Soap – 5.99 ‎£
  • Spray – 24.99 ‎£

Shipping and ordering/packaging

Online retailers and brick and mortar stores in the Netherlands and Germany sell Jacob Hooy. Individuals who live in the Netherlands can purchase the products from the Jacob Hooy website. 

Currently, it does not offer international shipping. 

Contact information

Jacob Hooy & Co BV

PO Box 70
1906 ZH Limmen
The Netherlands 

Jacob Hooy’s Facebook page

Jacob Hooy is a time-honored company that has recently expanded its homeopathic supply list to include top-shelf CBD. Anyone who purchases a Jacob Hooy product knows that they are buying a quality item.


Quality - 7.2
Value - 8
Customer Service & Support - 6
Brand & Product Transparency - 6


User Rating: 2.96 ( 11 votes)

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