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Kiara Naturals Review

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8.7 Out Of 10

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A dedicated team of natural therapists, doctors, healers, and hemp industry experts collaborated to form Kiara. They brought with them a love of Mother Nature, which is clearly reflected in their products. The team not only wanted to offer high potency CBD but also explore mixing its products with other medicinal herbs. Overall, the entire slant of Kiara is that of a holistic approach that focuses on the wonders of natural medicine. Their CBD products are rich and complex. Each one clearly reflects the expertise and focus of its founders.

Kiara is in the heart of Switzerland. It is a GMP-certified pharmaceutical-grade facility that uses only responsibly-sourced hemp that it grows itself or sources from familiar partners.

Kiara product introduction

We examined six of Kiara’s CBD products but the company offers many more.

Pure CBD Oil 20% CBD

Kiara Pure CBD Oil

Pure CBD Oil 20% is a pure isolate with 2,000 mg of CBD. It has no hemp flavor, smell, or taste. The CBD is extracted and then goes through an isolation process to tailor a high-potency oil. Upon completion, CBD is mixed with an MCT carrier oil (coconut oil). MCT oil is a favorite pharmaceutical industry choice because of its bioavailability, stability, and long shelf life.

Full-Spectrum Oil 20% CBD

Kiara full spectrum CBD Oil

This is their full-spectrum oil that is brimming with 20 percent CBD. It has varying levels of all the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and waxes found in the cannabis plant. Each bottle has 2000 mg of CBD with CBDa, CBG, and CBC. The unique combination found within the full spectrum oil works in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Every drop of this oil contains plant cannabinoids. This is a GMP-certified oil that is extracted using an ethanol process to render a very rich and diverse compound profile. Following extraction, the hemp plant’s components are mixed with a pharmaceutical-grade MCT oil.

Full-Spectrum Oil 30% CBD

Each bottle contains 3000 mg of CBD with CBDa, CBG, and CBC. The product works in a very holistic fashion due to its unique composition. Each drop is filled with cannabinoids, terpenes, and waxes. The product is a GMP-certified oil that is obtained with an ethanol extraction process. The oil is very rich and full-bodied. It is mixed with MCT oil.

Pure CBD Oil 30%

This is a pure CBD isolate. It offers 3,000 mg of CBD per bottle. There is no plant-flavor or odor that many people find repugnant. The oil is produced using a natural process to successfully extract the CBD. It is then mixed with an MCT carrier oil to increase its shelf life.


1st Aid Magic Cream

Kiara first aid cream

A cream that is naturally anti-septic, the 1st Aid Magic Cream is formulated with herbal extracts and CBD. It is used to soothe skin while keeping burns, cuts, or tattoos clean for optimum healing. The cream has very soothing characteristics that help repair the skin and prevent scarring. Each container has 500 mg of CBD plus the following herb extracts:

  • Natural base cream
  • Frankincense
  • Stellaria media
  • Hypericum perforatum
  • Azadirachta indica
  • Echinacea
  • Lavender

Muscle Magic Salve

Kiara muscle and joint salve

If you have arthritis or you hit the gym too hard then you might want to check out the natural anti-inflammatory salve referred to as ‘Muscle Magic.’ It contains pure CBD that reaches deep into the tissues to ease inflammation and boost the body’s ability to heal. The salve does have a heating effect and optimum absorption. This salve is often used for rheumatic conditions. Apply it locally over a joint or muscle. You can also use it as a soothing massage lotion. Other medicinal herbs included in the salve:

  • Bee’s wax
  • Ruta graveolens
  • Mint
  • Arnica montana
  • Camphor
  • Clove
  • Wintergreen

Deep Sleep Tincture

Kiara deep sleep

All ingredients in the Deep Sleep Tincture are 100 percent GMP certified and pharmaceutical grade. The CBD is extracted, distilled, and refined before being formed into the tincture. It also contains selected plants that will help relax you so you can get a good night’s sleep.

All the products sold are GMP certified. They are also gluten free.

VIsit Kiara

Product Flavor Other Ingredients Carrier Oil
Pure CBD Oil 20% CBD – 2,000 mg – 10 ml Flavorless MCT oil MCT oil
Full Spectrum Oil 20% CBD – 2,000 mg -10 ml Robust and filled with plant chlorophyll and other natural flavors MCT oil
CBDa, CBG, and CBC
MCT oil
Pure CBD Oil 30% – 3,000 mg -10 ml Flavorless MCT oil MCT oil
Full Spectrum Oil 30% CBD – 3,000 mg -10 ml Robust and filled with plant chlorophyll and other natural flavors MCT oil
CBDa, CBG, and CBC
MCT oil
1st Aid Magic Cream – 500 mg – 30 ml N/A Natural base cream
Stellaria media
Hypericum perforatum
Azadirachta indica
Natural base cream
Muscle Magic Salve – 500 mg – 50 ml N/A Bee’s wax
Ruta graveolens
Arnica montana
Bee’s wax
Deep Sleep Tincture – 400 mg- 100 ml Flavorless 100 percent THC free N/A
Pain Relief Tincture – 800 mg – 100 ml Flavorless 100 percent THC free N/A
Blue Magic Cream – 500 mg- 50 ml N/A Kiara’s natural base cream
Stellaria media
Centella asiatica
Natural Base Cream
Focus Capsule – 1,000 mg – 60 tablets N/A Centella asiatica
Bacopa monnieri
Passiflora incarnate
Glycyrrhiza glabra
Zinnziber officinalis
Vegetative capsules
Vape Oil – 55% CBD Hemp-like N/A N/A

Reading the Lab results

One of the nice things about Kiara products is the consistency between what is written on the bottle and what is revealed in the lab results. If you compare the 20% CBD Full Spectrum Oil’s lab results to the bottle, you will see that the product has 21.1% CBD. The lab results also show that the amount of THC in the product is 0.09% which is much lower than the 0.2% mandated by European law. In addition, there is 0.07% CBC, while CBG and CBN are also present but with less than 0.05%. What this all means is that this oil does contain the full spectrum of the hemp plant as promised on the label.

Kiara’s 30% Full Spectrum oil contains 31.1% CBD and 0.13% THC. It also contains higher doses of cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC. If you are seeking the entourage effect then you should definitely consider this product.

The laboratory results for the 20% and 30% Isolate CBD oil show that it contains the correct percentages.

Kiara CBD oil Full Spectrum 20% - Third Party Lab Results
Kiara CBD Isolate Oil Pure CBD 20% - Third Party Lab Results
Kiara CBD oil Full Spectrum 30% - Third Party Lab Results
Kiara CBD Isolate Oil Pure CBD 30% - Third Party Lab Results

Experience with the Kiara Products

I used Kiara products for a month after I sustained a sports injury. I’m happy to report that it helped me with the muscle pain and was beneficial for my anxiety. In addition, I also used it as a sleep aid so I could get a full eight hours of much-needed rest during my recovery.

Kiara packaging

I’m one of those people who do not like to advertise what I purchase online to my neighbors and others. I prefer discreet packaging. Kiara’s packaging was simple, clean, and medical. It does not grab any attention.

My experience with Kiara oils

The dropper is good but there are no measurements on it, which leaves you guessing about dosage. I appreciated the taste of the full-spectrum oil, which was very earthy and robust with no bitterness. Overall, the flavor was tolerable for a supplement. Please remember, that the oil is not candy so it’s not overly palatable.

While taking the oil, I opted to take smaller concentrations. I started out using Full Spectrum 20%. It helped me to sleep and gave me relief from my muscle pain after hitting the gym. I have also tried the CBD Pure isolate and it performed well. However, I personally prefer the full spectrum, but the isolate is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid any trace of THC.

I tried the 30% CBD oil, both full-spectrum and isolate. I did feel a slight difference with the higher dose. Personally, I prefer taking small doses of CBD so 20% works perfectly for my needs. I took CBD not only to sleep but also at noon. After taking it mid-day, I did not feel tired.

Using CBD Topical

I liked Kiara’s cream and salve. They both smelled nice; almost minty fresh. The Muscle Magic Salve rubs on nicely and helped to relax my muscles to ease the pain after training. The 1st Aid Magic Cream relaxed me considerably. Both the cream and salve leave no residue and are rapidly absorbed by the skin.

My opinion on the labeling

The label on the bottle is easy to read. Sadly, the dropper has no dosage numbers, so you end up having to guess.

Effectiveness of the CBD

I started to notice the effects of the oils about 15 minutes after taking them. Within one hour I could feel the effects, but they did not render me sleepy. In the evening, after taking the CBD oil, I was able to fall asleep easily. Within one week I had gotten used to feeling the benefits. I took all four oils, each on a different day. In the end, all four were great, but my personal preference was the Full Spectrum 20% CBD oil.

After using the CBD products for one month, I can say that they helped me not only manage my pain but also sleep better. I was able to go through hard days and not panic because my anxiety level was lowered.

What I didn’t like

In my opinion, the dropper could be better.

Are Kiara products budget-friendly?

Overall, I feel that Kiara CBD oils and topicals are effective and a great value for the money. The pricing is affordable and can fit most budgets. The budget-friendly items are really a great deal.

VIsit Kiara

Kiara CBD Review

Quality - 9
Value - 8.5
Customer Service & Support - 8.7
Brand & Product Transparency - 8.4


Product Summary:

Kiara CBD products are GMP certified. You can choose between full-spectrum or isolate products. The company sells oils, tinctures, vapes, capsules, and skincare products in varying dosages for everyone’s unique needs.

User Rating: 4.29 ( 8 votes)

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