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Kush Queen Review

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7.5 Out Of 10

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    Lab Tested
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  • GMO Free

A passion for wellness, cannabis culture, and greater inclusion in the industry is all part of the Kush Queen story.

Founder Olivia Alexander moved from Louisiana to southern California with her parents when she was a teenager. Two decades later, she’s a bona-fide cannabis influencer. 

The former child beauty pageant contestant has become a social media maven and a leader in the cannabis industry (and a vape bedazzler to boot). Alexander has a keen awareness for how to reach out to consumers who want wellness — but don’t necessarily want to get high. 

Kush Queen sees cannabis as “an opportunity not just to improve our lives, but improve the world,” and is committed to using its platform “for the highest good,” and to counter the “lack of representation in cannabis.” 

And even if the world continues to not improve, Kush Queen is well-positioned to remain an industry leader, with a wide range of CBD topicals, ingestibles, and signature CBD bath bombs.

Kush Queen 25mg bath bomb

Materials, Ingredients and Manufacturing Process

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As Kush Queen puts it, the two most important things for the company are “the products and the people that use them.” This explains Kush Queen’s devotion to transparency, which guides its hemp sourcing. 

The brand partners with Oregon-based farms that do not use any genetically modified nutrients or pesticides. Kush Queen does not mention which farms it partners with. 

Once harvested, the hemp extract is taken from the biomass. Kush Queen only uses hemp extract that has been processed to the point where it is absolutely free of any residual solvents or is extracted through solvent-free methods. We asked Kush Queen about their extraction provider, and did not yet receive an answer.

At the Kush Queen facility, the company says the hemp “becomes the magical ingredient in our products,” some of which contain CBD in oil form, while others are “converted to our patent-pending water-based form.”

The brand’s website mentions that all ingredients are sourced with the same level of care as the hemp and that Olivia herself will “at any given time,” pull samples off the line and use them. It doesn’t say if she carries a bathtub with her or if one is located in the facility, but her random checkers are done because “she is always looking for the same fizz in the bath bombs.”

Packaging & Branding

A quick visit to the Kush Queen website can easily spark the sentiment “I want to join this club, and I think they might let me in too.”

Kush Queen’s vibe and image seems a far cry from the bro-heavy CBD brands (a-la “this tincture helps you WRECK SHOP in the boardroom”) or the heavy-on-the-aspirational messages CBD companies that seem convinced that their customers just CAN. NOT. DEAL. with life. 

Instead, “the Kush Queen Promise” is about inclusiveness, righting the “lack of representation in cannabis,” and building a community of people who want socially responsible products that give back to their community and have gone through third-party testing. And on the product pages, the descriptions are straightforward and not overly-informal or full of marketing jargon and the packaging is very appealing and easy on the eyes.

Mainly though, the image of the company is embodied by the Kush Queen herself: Olivia Alexander. Cool, glamorous, social media savvy, and community-oriented, it makes sense that she’d be front and center. 

Transparency and Lab Results 

Kush Queen provides copies of lab results for each of its products, and they can easily be found on the website. In an example for the Awaken 100mg bath bombs, the lab results include the amount of total CBD and/or CBG per serving, total THC (n/a), and cannabinoids. It seems as though Kush Queen’s products include boh full spectrum oil and CBD isolate, though this is not directly mentioned on the brand’s website.

The product pages on the company website are detailed and customer reviews appear below each product — be they positive or negative. 

It should be noted that, while Kush Queen’s website sings the praises of its hemp, there is very little detail about exactly where or how it is grown — rather descriptions about how it’s grown “in the beautiful Pacifica Northwest.” That will probably be enough for the average customer, but those who are more savvy about the ins and outs of hemp cultivation, it might leave something to be desired.  

Kush Queen Pros and Cons

  • Diverse product lineup
  • Fun packaging
  • Female founder
  • Not very transparent

Customer Service 

Customers who need assistance can probably find answers to most queries on the Kush Queen website, which is easy to navigate and full of handy resources. 

The customer support landing page features an extensive knowledge base broken into several easily navigable sections, as well as a search bar to help customers get quick answers to their questions. Customers can also use one of the many forums on the page to find answers, or contact the company by way of the direct customer support email address or phone number. 

Product Lineup 


Kush Queen features a wide range of CBD body scrubs, bath and shower gels, and even a vaginal lubricant. Some of the topicals use less than standard ingredients for the industry, including the “Melt” CBD lotion, which is water-based instead of oil-based, which the company says boosts absorption. 


Alice + Olivia CBD Body Lotion

Alice + Olivia CBD Bubble Bath

Defynt CBD Skin Serum

KINGDM Cosmetics FOTO BLUR CBD Primer 

Melt CBD Lotion

Renew CBD Sugar Scrub

Soaked CBD Shower Gel

Water-based CBD Lube 

Oils & Tinctures

Kush Queen currently only features one tincture, a hypoallergenic wellness supplement rich in CBD.

Bäre CBD Tincture: Broad-Spectrum


Kush Queen’s gummies include CBD, CBG, and CBN. They are sweetened with cane sugar and contain between 375 mg to 750mg CBD, 450 mg of CBG and 450mg CBN per package. They contain gelatin and are not vegan. 

GummiesRX CBD Chews

GummiesRX Bliss CBD+CBG Chews

GummiesRX Sleep CBN+CBD Chews

Bath Bombs 

Kush Queen made its mark with CBD bath bombs — and it shows. The company features a wide range of these colorful, carefully-crafted pampering orbs, with ingredients ranging from matcha to cafe latte to spiced chai bath bombs. 

Awaken CBD Bath Bomb

Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb

Cafe Latte CBD Bath Bomb

Relax CBD Bath Bomb

Citrus CBD Bath Bomb

Earl Grey CBD Bath Bomb

Love CBD Bath Bomb

Matcha CBD Bath Bomb

Relieve CBD Bath Bomb

Shield CBD Bath Bomb

Sleep CBD Bath Bomb

Spiced Chai CBD Bath Bomb

Pet Products

Kush Queen offers two therapeutic (doggie) bath bombs for the furred friend in your life. 


Woof Queen Lavender Bath Bomb

Woof Queen Peppermint Bath Bomb 

The Final Word

Kush Queen is a cannabis company that is making a big effort to not only leave its mark on the industry, but also to make it more inclusive, with women at the front of the boardroom, and not just in the advertisements and customer base. 

Besides bath bombs, the company features less products than many of its competitors, but it is generally forthcoming with its lab results.

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Our Verdict

Quality - 7
Value - 8
Customer Service & Support - 8
Brand & Product Transparency - 7


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