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MariPharm CBD Review

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8.1 Out Of 10

User Ratings: 1.9/5

  • 3rd Party
    Lab Tested
  • ISO
  • GMP
  • USDA
  • US Hemp
  • GMO Free


A Dutch phytocannabinoid company, MariPharm has leading scientists, doctors, and pharmacists working together to create a premium product. They are leaders in research, production, and processing. They were the first company to have the Dutch Ministry of Health issue an opium exemption for cannabis. It specified that cannabis was acknowledged for medical purposes. They were allowed to produce medical-grade cannabis for research. The company also became the first to export 1 kilogram of cannabis to England using a permit issued by the Dutch Ministry. They started to actively supply approximately 85 percent of the cannabis to Dutch pharmacies.

The company worked closely with TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) which enabled the discovery of THC-A that they promptly patented. MariPharm started offering consulting services to the Netherlands, USA, Uruguay, Israel, Czech Republic, and Canada.

MariPharm’s CBD products undergo clinical research. As of 2019, they are studying their CBD for pain relief. All products offered by MariPharm are reliable and considered top-shelf, medical-grade quality.

Maripharm has two sites; one serves the UK, Ireland, and France. The other site is there Netherland brand and it offers worldwide shipping.

MariPharm Natural Products

What are terpenes?

MariPharm is a seed-to-sale company. They sell CBD oils and topicals in varying potencies.

Manufacturing Process of MariPharm

As mentioned, MariPharm is a seed-to-sale company. They grow all of their own Dutch cannabis with organic and sustainable farming practices. Ethanol is used to extract the cannabinoids from the plant’s fibers. The extract is then mixed with a carrier oil (either coconut, MCT, or hemp oils) for consumption or used in a topical.

Who are MariPharm Products Good For?

MariPharm products are ideal for anyone who wants a pharmaceutical-grade CBD product. Their years in the business and experience at extracting helps guarantee purity. The varying percentages of CBD let you choose the potency based on your unique needs. If you suffer from joint inflammation, pulled muscles, or other physical pain then MariPharm’s topicals might be your ideal choice to target the problem area with CBD.

MariPharm Specs

Here is a very easy to follow chart that outlines the in’s and out’s of the CBD products offered by MariPharm

Materials Non-GMO Seeds
Farming Practices Organic and sustainable cultivation
Extraction Ethanol
Testing Third-party lab testing and in-home lab testing
Certifications Dutch Ministry of Health Opium Exemption, GMP, ISO
Shipping International shipping to most countries
Return Policy Acceptable return policy within 14 days of receiving the order. Also, orders can be canceled if they have not shipped
Attributes Pharmaceutical-grade CBD


Flavor and Appearance of MariPharm

CBD oil drops

A soft clear hue, MariPharm oils are smooth. They lack the often earthy or grass-like flavor of other brands. Most users report them highly palpable. Sadly, unlike other brands, they do not offer flavored oils.


Extraction Process

adding oil in the lab

From the beginning of MariPharm, they have used only ethanol extraction. They feel that it renders a pure product that lacks any solvents after going through purification. Although most brands nowadays are using CO2 extraction, the purity of MariPharm is undeniable.

MariPharm CBD Product Offerings

Sadly, MariPharm does not offer a wide array of CBD products. It would be nice if the general public could purchase more items. However, here is a table showcasing MariPharm’s products.

OilsMariPharm CBD 2%

MariPharm CBD 4%

MariPharm CBD 10%
Contains no THC

Contains no harmful residue

Lab analysis carried out and available upon request

10ml bottle with dropper for accurate dosage (one month supply)

Recommend nine drops per day of the potent oil
TopicalsMariCare Skin Oil

Suitable for those with sensitive skin


Goes on smooth and is rapidly absorbed.

MariCreme contains 300mg of CBD per 30ml bottle

Helps wrinkles and skin sagging

Aids in restoring elasticity and remedy sagging

MariCare Skin Oil contains 1% percent Cannabis oil per 30ml water. It offers approximately 200 sprays

Oil relieves red and itchy skin
SprayMariSpray CBD 4% Pure CBD in Hemp Seed OilThis product is offered on the UK site. It ships only to the UK, Ireland, and France.

400mg of CBD in 10ml of hemp seed oil

The spray is used orally for fast absorption

Packaging and Shipping

CBD Shipping image

MariPharm exports CBD products all over the world. They always send their items in discreet packaging. Although they offer worldwide shipping, you should always check your local laws prior to ordering.

MariPharm Lab Testing

How to read CBD lab results and COA

MariPharm has its own dedicated, high-tech laboratory where all of their products are tested. They do have third-party quality oversight and testing of every batch to help guarantee the purity of the product. Certificates of Analysis are issued. However, they do not publish their lab results online. A would-be customer must ask for the information after ordering their CBD products so they have already spent the money to buy the product without ever knowing the results. They could be purchasing a subpar product and not find out until they have paid the money.

Pricing for MariPharm

Pig safe

Compared to other brands, many inferior to MariPharm, their pricing is very affordable. Although a limited choice, the two items that they have been in high demand with CBD users.

  • Oils: 19.95 – 69.95 euros
  • Topicals: 19.95- 29.95 euros
  • Spray: 39.99 euros
Contact Information

MariPharm UK
9-13 St Andrew Street
London, EC4A 3AF

MariPharm The Netherlands
Nieuw-Mathenesserstraat 33
3029 AV Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

MariPharm Websites


MariPharm CBD

Quality - 8.5
Value - 8.5
Customer Service & Support - 8
Brand & Product Transparency - 7.5


MariPharm has the respect of the cannabis community, but it would be nice if they offered more of their CBD products to the general public. Currently, they have a very limited line of items. The CBD oils and topicals that they do offer are premium.

User Rating: 1.9 ( 1 votes)

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