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Mary’s Nutritionals Review

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Mary’s Nutritionals (a subsidiary brand of Mary’s Medicinals) is a major player in the CBD industry. Founded in 2013 by Lyn Honderd, who remains the CEO to this day, the company has been around since the early days of legislation in Colorado. Mary, then, refers not to a specific person, but to Mary Jane — a common slang word for marijuana. “Growing up I was not a user and, quite honestly, was not an advocate for legalization,” Honderd told mg magazine in 2018. “You could have called me Nancy Reagan’s poster child for Just Say No.”  Now, Mary’s is promoting the use of plant-based medicine as “an alternative to medicine, not alternative medicine.” 

Mary's Product lineup


Materials, Ingredients and Manufacturing Process 

The flagship of Mary’s Nutritionals products, as well as the Medicinals brand, is the transdermal patch, which once applied delivers around 10 mg of CBD through the skin for a period of 8 to 12 hours. 

According to Mary’s this technology offers “high bioavailability, convenient and discreet use, and an accurate and consistent dose,” which it says is the equivalent of an 80mg edible when you factor in all the ways that CBD can degrade before it hits your system. Marygree’s holds several patents for this technology.

Beyond the patches, Mary’s also offers several other topical products, including muscle gels, pain relief gels, and a line of specialized skincare products called Mary’s Methods.

If you’re willing to explore THC products, the product offerings expand slightly to include a wider lineup of tinctures, vape cartridges, and cannabis oils, sold under the Mary’s Medicinals line. 

All of Mary’s products are made from hemp grown by Elite Botanicals, an American company that Mary’s calls a “longstanding neighbour and partner.” Elite Botanicals were early to the hemp industry, and have been growing hemp industrially in Colorado since 2015. 

Curiously, users might note that Mary’s rarely advertises the CBD in its products, preferring instead to refer to the “full-spectrum hemp extract containing naturally-occurring CBD and terpenes.” It’s a bit of a mouthful, and a lot of words to say, simply, that the products are made with full-spectrum hemp oil, not purified CBD isolates. 

Packaging & Branding 

Mary's Nutritionals Hemp Infused Massage Oil

Back when the transdermal patch was Mary’s main product (and an innovative one, at that), the company’s target market of people who want to experience wellness on-the-go seemed clear enough. That is still in the brand’s DNA, but their expansive and virtually unending collection of products — Muscle cream! THC oil! Pet treats! Vape carts! — make the company seem as if it is casting around for customers it figures must be out there. 

That may be so, but it risks making the brand seem unclear about what it actually wants to be. The best brands understand this, but even in the CBD industry (where expansive product lines are becoming the norm), Mary’s has the air of a brand throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Throw in an erudite distinction between Mary’s Medicinals and Mary’s Nutritionals, and at some point a would-be Mary’s customer might find themselves wishing it was all a little bit simpler to figure out. 

However, if you are able to navigate some of this noise, Mary’s has a lot of things going for it. 

Mary's Bath Bomb

Few other CBD brands have leaned as hard into topical options as Mary’s, and their line of transdermal patches are a genuinely novel delivery system for CBD extracts, and among the most portable, discreet options available. Mary’s has a lot going for it as a brand, and are nevertheless a trusted choice in the CBD market.

If you have come across Mary’s Nutritionals products online or at shops around the country, you might have also noticed a range of similarly branded products by Mary’s Medicinals, Mary’s Tails, and Mary’s Methods. Many of the products are available under multiple names, and the visual branding is nearly identical.

Basically, Mary’s Nutritionals is the company’s hemp-based product line, as opposed to Mary’s Medicinals, which uses cannabis in all its products. Whereas Mary’s Medicinals products are generally only available in legal states, and purchased through regulated channels, Mary’s Nutritionals offers CBD products that are legal across the United States.  Mary’s Nutritionals breaks down its product lineup even further into different brands. There’s Mary’s Nutritionals, which covers many of the wellness products in the lineup, including transdermal patches, hemp extract tinctures, bath bombs, and others.

Then there’s Mary’s Methods, a hemp-extract based line of premium skincare products.

And finally, there’s Mary’s Tails — which includes many of the same products sold under the Nutritionals line, but formulated to be safe for pets. (Lest this confuse you even further, there’s also Mary’s Whole Pet — a precursor brand to Mary’s Tails.) 

Pros and Cons of Mary's Nutritionals

  • large product selection
  • many topical options
  • easy-to-read lab tests
  • supplements for pets
  • full-spectrum hemp extract
  • overlapping brands is confusing
  • no inhalables
  • not third part tested

Transparency & Lab Results 

For all the complications that Mary’s throws at you when you’re trying to figure out which brand is which, they actually make it pretty simple to read the packaging. All Mary’s products come with a simple design language: black and white design, simple, uncluttered lettering, and packaging that is free of clutter or extraneous information. 

The look and feel of the products also fits with the broader skincare industry, and Mary’s products fit comfortably alongside any other premium skincare brand (visually, at least). 

One area where it’s clear some attention has been paid to the user experience is the lab tests. Mary’s conducts all its lab-testing in-house, and not by a third party, which is typically considered to be more reliable. The results of those tests are easily searchable on the website — simply select your product, find your batch number, and you can access the results. Compared to other brands, who offer lab tests that are pages long, and are often quite convoluted and inaccessible to the layperson, Mary’s lab results are easy to read, offer tips to help the reader to interpret what they’re reading, and present the information in a concise manner. 

Sample Lab Test

Product Lineup


Mary's Transdermal Patch

Transdermal Patch — 10mg hemp extract

Transdermal Relief Cream — 100mg hemp extract

Massage Oil — 50mg hemp extract

Transdermal compound — 100mg hemp extract

Muscle Freeze — 75mg hemp extract or 200mg hemp extract

Burn Out Topical Mist – 250 mg hemp extract

Transdermal Gel Pen

Bath Bomb – Calm

Bath Bomb – Boost


Mary's Elite Capsules

Nutritionals Capsules — 150mg hemp extract

Remedy Tincture — approx. 500mg hemp extract (250 drop-sized servings of 2mg)


Mary’s Nutritionals’ skincare line is called Mary’s Remedy and includes a range of products from restorative eye creams to dead sea mud masks.

The Final Word

If you had to choose only one cannabis or CBD company for the rest of eternity, you could do worse than to choose Mary’s — if for no other reason than it has one of the largest selections of products across their sprawling web of brands and corporate identities. As one of the industry leaders and earliest pioneers in the space, they have built up a degree of trust that, judging by user reviews, has been well-earned. And if you’re someone who is enticed by the idea of a slow-release transdermal patch (or any of their other topical options), Mary’s offers probably more choice on that front than anyone else in the industry.

Our Verdict

Quality - 8.9
Value - 8.5
Brand & Product Transparency - 6.6
Customer Service - 9


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