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The Full List of CBD and Hemp Events Affected by the Global Coronavirus Pandemic

By now, virtually everyone on the planet has felt the impact of the coronavirus.

With governments either recommending or enforcing travel limitations, workplace closures, and social distancing, there is no industry spared from the fallout of this global pandemic.

CBD, one of the fastest growing industries, is no exception.

Here is a list of major cannabis, hemp and CBD events that have been cancelled or modified in an effort to flatten the curve:

NoCo Hemp Expo (Denver, Colorado)

This annual conference is the world’s most comprehensive hemp expo and trade show, designed for manufacturers, producers, retail and wholesale buyers, sellers, farmers, and others involved in sales and marketing of hemp related products.

The event, which anticipated up to 20,000 attendees and 400 exhibitors, was rescheduled from April to August 6-8, 2020.

NoCo Hemp Expo’s Corona Statement:

“The decision to shift the timing of this year’s Expo has not been an easy one. The health and safety of all participants remains a top priority. We want to provide attendees, exhibitors, vendors, staff, industry partners, and others involved in the Expo enough time to rework their schedules and plan accordingly for the newly announced August dates.”

2020 NECANN Cannabis and Hemp Conventions (US-Wide)

Since 2014, NECANN has been creating resource hubs for the rapidly expanding cannabis industry. The organization runs highly localized events where businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers can connect, learn, and grow.

NECANN’s Corona Statement:

“We appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this incredibly difficult time as venues and events across the country scramble to reschedule events planned for the next few months.”

New England Cannabis Convention: rescheduled to June 27-29, 2020

Vermont Cannabis Convention: original dates May 30-31

New Jersey Cannabis Convention: original dates September 11-12

Illinois Cannabis Convention: postponed TBD

Springfield Cannabis Convention: postponed TBD

Maine Cannabis Convention: original dates October 10-11

The California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) 5th Annual Policy Conference (Sacramento, California)

The CCIA’s mission is to promote the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and legal environment in the state of California. For the past five years, the CCIA’s annual policy conference has brought together top leaders amongst the administration, the legislature, the regulating bodies, labor, and the cannabis industry to engage in educated and informed discussions leading to strategic policy reform.

The conference, which was slated for March 18 in Sacramento, has been postponed indefinitely.

CCIA’s Corona Statement:

“In light of the growing concerns around the spread of the coronavirus highlighted by Governor Newsom’s press conference, the state of emergency declarations from Solano, San Francisco, San Diego, and Orange Counties, and outreach from our membership, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone this year’s annual policy conference slated for March 18th in Sacramento.”

Hall of Flowers (Southern California)

Hall of Flowers is a licensed, industry-only, highly curated B2B show designed to facilitate commerce between cannabis brands and retailers. The product categories span across flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, accessories, and technology. Hall of Flowers is the first show of its kind to deliver an experience that elevates the cannabis industry to a new level of cultural significance. 

The conference, which was scheduled for April 1-2, has been postponed indefinitely. 

Hall of Flowers’ Corona Statement:

“Despite our excitement about our first Hall of Flowers scheduled for April 1st-2nd in Southern California, we regret to inform you that we must officially postpone the event. Looking ahead, retail and attendees registration will roll over to the next Hall of Flowers. For our Brand partners, all contracts will also carry over to the next event.”

The Original CBD Expo Tour 2020

This series of regional CBD trade shows around the country offers cannabinoid professionals an opportunity to gather, connect, network, and innovate. With over 3,500 attendees and 200 exhibitors per conference, CBD Expo includes sessions on research, marketing, regulation and compliance, extraction education, as well as drink infusion workshops, mixology labs, and free samples from gourmet CBD chefs. 

CBD Expo has not cancelled or modified any of its upcoming events, releasing the following statement:

“In light of the COVID-19 situation and after much discussion, The CBD Expo Tour has decided the show must go on! The CBD Expo Tour South show in Houstin, TX will NOT be cancelled. As part of our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, attendees, and exhibitors, we are carefully monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are keeping up to date with health agencies information and recommendations.”

CBD Expo Tour South: Houston, Texas (April 17-18, 2020)

Canna Farm Con: Louisville, Kentucky (May 22-23, 2020)

CBD Expo Tour Midwest: Chicago, Illinois (June 26-27, 2020)

Concentration – A Cannabinoid Extraction Conference: Garden Grove, California (August 20-22, 2020)

Myco Con: Denver, Colorado (October 1-2, 2020)

CBD Expo Tour West: West Lake village, California (November 13-14, 2020)

CBD Expo Tour Southeast: Orlando, Florida (December 4-5, 2020)

The Bottom Line

These are challenging times for everyone and the impact has already been felt across the globe. We still don’t know the long-term damage or what the future holds.

But one thing is for sure: we are all in this together, and we must take care of ourselves and each other.

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