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CBDMD CBD PM 500mg THC-free tincture Review

CBD PM 500mg Tincture with melatonin


Bath & Beauty
  • size: 30ML
  • Dosage:500mg
  • Price:$44.99
  • Effects felt:Sleep

"After 45 minutes, I was out like a light. And I was able to stay asleep all night "

  • Broad Spectrum CBD
  • GMO Free
  • Organic
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in USA

Editor Score:

User Ratings: 3.4/5

cbdMD’s CBD PM is a 500 mg THC-free tincture that contains 150 mg of melatonin. CBD PM also contains a proprietary blend of other natural herbs to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If you are looking for a supplement to help you get your zzzs, then you have finally found your answer right here from cbdMD. Each dose contains nearly 17 mg of CBD and enough complementing herbs so that you will not need to count those sheep for very long.

Try CBDMD PM 500mg THC-free tincture


CbdMD is proudly a US-based, seed-to-store company

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, cbdMD grows all its own industrial hemp in Colorado and Kentucky. The website goes to great lengths to talk about the superiority of USgrown hemp and its domestic processing, but doesn’t come out and say where its farms are online. I had to dig a little deeper to find that out. (Actually, reaching out to customer service.)

CbdMD does the preliminary processing in Colorado & Kentucky, but then completes the manufacturing of products in Charlotte, North Carolina. All the products are created from the same batches of processed hemp, so the most recent Certificate of Analysis of the industrial hemp plant is available on the “about us” page. They do not offer individual COAs per product.

Interestingly, cbdMD uses a non-detectable THC broad-spectrum CBD, and claims (right on the front page) to be THC fFree. This made me think it was a CBD isolate product. However, I actually reached out to the company’s customer service team (which is conveniently available to chat from the website) to clarify this, and they said that it was a broad spectrum product. This means that you get the benefits of all the hemp cannabinoids without the THC.

Another great fact the customer service representative told me was that even though this is a hemp grown product (which has THC naturally occurring), their state of the art processing effectively removes the THC. That’s what gives them the ability to advertise THC free. The rep even went so far as to say that the companyhas athletes that regularly use this supplement, who are drug tested daily and have never tested positive for THC.


Let’s really get to know cbdMD CBD PM

cbdMD PM 500 mg
cbdMD PM 500 mg

CBD Pm is unique because not only is it a broad-spectrum, THC-free product, which allows you to experience the entourage effect, cbdMD added several other natural sleep aids, like melatonin, cascade hops, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower extract, and valerian root, so instead of the 1-2 punch, you get the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 knockout punch for your sleep. The instructions actually say to place a full dropper under your tongue for two minutes and be prepared to be out like a light within 30 minutes.

What you get inside the cbdMD PM 500 mg tincture

Flavor Mint
Ingredients CBD, melatonin, cascade hops, chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower extract, valerian root, and MCT
Amount of CBD per dose 17 mg
Available bottle sizes 30ml
Amount of CBD in bottles 500 mg
Carrier oil MCT
Attributes Non-certified organic, vegan, and non-GMO, US-grown, THC free
Test Results Available COAs available based on the most recent test results.


What do the test results say?

All ofcbdMD’s products use the exact same broad spectrum CBD, just mixed in different concentrations, so only one test result is available online, which is the most recent. It is located on the ABOUT US page. The available test for me to see was dated 7/1/19 which was actually pretty close to when I took the product. SCLabs performed the testing.

I really appreciated the fact that cbdMD is great about transparency, unlike some of the other, perhaps more widely known companies like Charlotte’s Web. The test results show all the different cannabinoids and terpenes, pesticides, microbial, and residual solvents. Terpenes showed ND (non-detectable), and the pesticides and microbes all passed, with very low to non-detectable amounts of both. The only residual solvent found was pentane, and it was well below the threshold.


Try CBDMD PM 500mg THC-free tincture

What it was like supplementing with cbdMD PM 500 mg

My first impressions

The oil came in a safe, bubble wrap envelope that was otherwise unremarkable, which was great because at the time, my neighborhood was experiencing a rash of random mail theft. (What is it with people?!?!). The cbdMD comes in a dark amber bottle with a dark blue label. The name and product type is contrasted in white, helping me to see exactly what I had. The total amount of CBD (500 mg) is highlighted prominently on the front in white, contrasted with a purple background. On the back, you’ll see the dietary information, suggested use, caution, a link to the company website, and a customer service number.

The oil itself is much lighter, especially compared to some of the full-spectrum products I have reviewed, like Endoca. It is a very clear, slightly yellow oil. I did not smell any of the typical plant or earthy scents common in other products, only a nice refreshing mint…

Supplementing with CBD PM

Since this is such a mild-scented and colored oil, I figured it would be mild-flavored, and I was right. In fact, I would even go so far as to say this is a slightly sweet, minty flavored oil that is, dare I say, a pleasure to use? Most of the CBD supplements I have tried have been, well, medicine-like in that you take it because you know it makes you feel better, not because it tastes good. This product actually tastes pretty good. I think I liked it better than my Kat’s Natural Heal CBD supplement.

I am hosting my studio’s very first festival, the largest undertaking of my studio ownership career, in the very near future. It’s, needless to say, a stressful season in life. When I ordered this product, I was super excited to try it because this mama needed some SLEEP! Let me tell you, this product did NOT disappoint. I opened the bottle and was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, went about my normal nightly routine of clean up, lights off, quick read before bed, and I don’t really remember what I was reading. It worked THAT quickly.

The next morning, far too early, my daughter came in and wanted to be awake, STAT, and I had a bit of trouble keeping up with the demanding four-year-old because I was a little groggy. I don’t want to go so far as to say loopy, but I definitely wasn’t my typical bright-eyed and bushy tailed self. After my second cup of coffee, I started feeling whole again.

What it’s like to use CBD PM consistently

I have been using CBD to help me get to sleep, but mostly to help me stay asleep, for about a year now. Between nursing little ones for the last four years and the pressures of small business ownership, the glorious pre-baby days of yore with eight, ten, sometimes 12 hours of sleep are things that I look back on fondly (if not wistfully.) However, I haven’t taken melatonin much, mostly because I was afraid that the little melatonin I did make naturally, would decrease if I supplemented with it as some medical practitioners worry. Researching for this review, however, may be changing my opinions on this.

Every time I supplemented with the CBD PM 500 mg mint, I took a full dropper (as suggested). I rarely kept it under my tongue the full two minutes because, well, who has time for that anyway? I would say I kept it under my tongue 30 seconds, even though each time I would swear to myself to keep it longer. Each time, I felt sleepy fairly quickly. Sometimes, especially if I was already tired, I would all but pass out within 15 minutes, other times, it took me closer to 45 minutes.

The quality of my sleep varied. I’m not sure if that had to do with the supplement or the fact that I have a four-year-old that likes to climb into bed with us at all hours and it’s ragweed season. The only consistent thing I noticed is that I did wake up extra groggy the next day. My Fitbit did not register deeper sleep when I supplemented with the CBD PM, but I generally did feel better myself after having taken it at night. I got my husband to take it one night, and it clearly worked for him too because I thought I was sleeping beside a freight train.

What I liked best about the CBD PM 500 mg mint

This product made me sleepy, like for real sleepy. Even when I was super wound up about the busyness of life, I could take this supplement and be asleep fairly quickly, which is awesome. I also really liked the mild flavor. I truly believe this is one of the best-flavored CBD supplements I’ve gotten to try so far. The strength was perfect for me, at right under 17 mg per dose. This helped my residual ‘it’s not the age, it’s the mileage’ aches and pains, and it definitely helped me to relax.

What I wasn’t as enthusiastic about regarding CBD PM 500 mg mint

The biggest drawback for CBD PM 500 mg by cbdMD is the fact that it does contain melatonin, which is basically still something that doctors haven’t figured out is safe to use long term. As a ‘get you over the hump’ supplement of sleeplessness, I think this could be a great addition to your wellness cabinet, but the fact that we simply don’t know if it is reducing your body’s natural production of melatonin over time, that risk seems high to me. Compared to other similarly concentrated CBD products, this is right in the middle.

cbdMD CBD PM 500 mg mint summary

Pros and cons of cbdMD Review CBD PM 500mg

  • Vegan, organic and non-GMO
  • Works great to help you fall asleep fast
  • Test results available online
  • Relies heavily on melatonin
  • Slightly more expensive

Let’s talk value

If you are looking for a great-tasting, effective, US-grown, broad-spectrum CBD product that will help you sleep, then this product is for you. You will spend a little more on it than something from CBDistillery, but the bottle is more than just a CBD supplement, it also contains melatonin and a laundry list of other naturally occurring sleep aids.

A brief look at cbdMD CBD PM 500 mg

  • Broad-spectrum CBD with no THC
  • Contains 17 mg CBD per 1 ml (or 1 dropper full)
  • Comes in a 30 ml bottle
  • Mint flavor

Try CBDMD PM 500mg THC-free tincture

cbdMD CBD PM 500mg

Taste - 9.5
Quality - 8.5
Effect over time - 9.2
Packaging - 8
Price - 7.8


cbdMD’s CBD PM is a 500 mg THC-free tincture that contains 150 mg of melatonin. CBD PM also contains a proprietary blend of other natural herbs to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep. If you are looking for a supplement to help you get your zzzs, then you have finally found your answer right here from cbdMD. Each dose contains nearly 17 mg of CBD and enough complementing herbs so that you will not need to count those sheep for very long.

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