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Cibdol CBD Oil 4% gave me the best sleep of my life

CBD Oil 4%


Bath & Beauty
  • size: 10ML
  • Dosage:368mg
  • Price:€29,95
  • Effects felt:Sleep

"Everyday, my sleep quality was getting better and better."

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Gluten Free
  • Halal
  • Organic
  • Lab Tested

Editor Score:

User Ratings: 3.4/5

Cibdol natural CBD Oil 4% is one of the purest CBD oils available on the European market. The firm’s naturally-grown hemp and innovative production process allows it to obtain the highest quality of CBD oil that doesn’t contain any unwanted chemicals or preservatives. The strict standards of Cibdol’s production ensure that consumers don’t experience any unwanted psychedelic effects.


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Cibdol – high-standard products made with Swiss precision

Swiss medical cannabis company Cibdol is known as one of Europe’s finest CBD brands. It provides naturally-sourced CBD oils made from prime European hemp without any pesticides or additives. The company has many years of experience producing CBD oil but still stays up-to-date with the latest innovative scientific technologies in order to incorporate them into its production methods. Its business practices are very transparent and it guarantees that its products are of the highest quality. Cibdol is also known for its environmental dedication, so during every production step, the company works toward limiting carbon emissions. Strict Swiss manufacturing standards ensure that the products offered by Cibdol are among the most reliable CBD oils in Europe. Cibdol products posses Halal certificates and are approved by the current EU food safety legislation system.

Important information about Cibdol natural CBD Oil 4%

Cibdol natural CBD oil 4% is a full-spectrum product made from pure, organic ingredients. The company offers oils in 3 concentrations (2.5%, 4%, and 10%), so CBD Oil 4% is a moderate strength product with a natural flavour. In this product, the manufacturer uses olive oil as a carrier oil. Extra virgin olive oil is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties, so in combination with CBD oil it may help to reduce symptoms of inflammation. Carefully extracted (by supercritical CO₂ extraction) Cibdol CBD oil provides 2mg of CBD oil per drop. This product has a convenient dropper bottle that allows dispensing liquid easy and mess-free. Each bottle contains around 200 drops per 10ml sized bottle.

CBD Oil Cibdol 4% 10ml information

Flavor Natural
Ingredients Olive oil, hemp extract, terpenes
Extraction method supercritical CO₂ extraction
Suggested serving size Three to four drops / three times per day
Amount of CBD per serving 6-8 mg
Available bottle sizes 10 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml
Amount of CBD in bottles 368 mg
Carrier oil Olive oil
Attributes Gluten free, vegan, Halal
Test results available Online: heavy metals, terpenes, CBD (by batch)
Certification Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000, Halal Certificate
Brand headquarters Liestal, Switzerland in Europe
Where can you get Cibdol? Europe

Reading the third-party test results

Cibdol lab results - Batch number A58

From the information provided by Cibdol I have found out that its CBD Oils are manufactured without any pesticides, herbicides, or growth hormones. Third-party tests are conducted not only on the extracted oil, but also the soil is regularly tested for pollution, bacteria, and fungi. A combination of CO₂ extraction and advanced filtration methods result in oils that preserve beneficial CBD and also the full terpene spectrum content of hemp. The company emphasizes not only quality but also the safety of CBD products. To ensure this, it is subject to annual audits. The company’s products possess Halal certificates and are approved by the current EU food safety legislation system. The lab results available on its website are certified by the Fundación CANNA.

All CBD batches from previous years are tested and the company provides HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography; a technique in analytical chemistry to separate, identify, and quantify each component of the mixture) test results on its website. I decided to compare lab results of my CBD oil with the CBD Oil batches from previous years and I noticed that the purity of Cibdol’s oils has remained consistent throughout the last few years. The batch that I used for this review is A58, and, as all others, was tested in a third-party laboratory. What I’ve learned from the lab results is that the THC content was almost immeasurable (less than 0,03%). Therefore you can feel safe in using this product at any time of the day without worrying that it might get you high. According to third-party testing the amount of CBD in my batch was 4.526%, so I’m glad to see that the company is properly labeling their products and isn’t deceiving its customers. Levels of other tested cannabinoids (for example CBDA, CBGA, THCV) were low (<0.033), which indicates good efficiency of the extraction and filtration process. By buying Cibdol CBD Oil you receive only what you have paid for without any additional and unwanted compounds. Another great news is that laboratory testing for heavy metal content showed that levels of lead, cadmium, and mercury were very low in tested samples (less than 0.03mg/kg).

My experience with 4% CBD Oil from Cibdol

My personal summary
My Cibdol summary

My first impression of Cibdol CBD oil

The CBD oil comes in an aesthetically pleasing, suitably ‘medical’ looking white package. The design pictures the snow-covered Swiss Alps, which I really enjoyed. The cardboard packaging features information about the product in five languages (English, Italian, Dutch, French, and German). Its labeling provides instruction of usage, a recommendation for storage, and of course its ingredient and allergen list. On the bottle itself, you will find the CBD concentration, the recommended dose (three to four drops / three times per day), and this bottle’s batch number and expiry date. Helpfully, the manufacturer included a friendly reminder to shake the bottle before use. The included dropper, however, does not have any measurements.

As I mentioned before, Cibdol has a great filtration method, which allows the company to obtain light and easy flowing oil. The bottle is transparent, so you can see that this CBD oil has a yellow/golden color, which is less common for CBD oils. Thanks to its consistency it never gets stuck in the dropper, which I appreciated.

Cibdol uses olive oil as a carrier in this 4% CBD oil. Ideally, olive oil should be stored in black bottles, due to its susceptibility to oxidation. So while the transparent bottle shows off Cibdol’s CBD oil well, in my opinion, this may not be the best choice for packaging. I recommend you keep the bottle in its cardboard packaging when not in use, as sun exposure may negatively impact the olive oil in this product; at the very least you should know that this product should be properly stored in a dark, cool, and dry place.

Trying the Cibdol 4% CBD Oil for the first time

Since it is a dropper bottle, you have to open the entire bottle to get the product, but thankfully it doesn’t smell too strong. Personally, I would describe the smell as weedy, but not unpleasant. The recommendation on the package says to put the oil under the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. After putting it under tongue you can taste a strong, earthy flavor with a slightly bitter finish, but it is something, which I would have expected from good quality CBD Oil. Thankfully this taste disappears after several seconds. The recommended amount per serving is so small than it dissolves quickly in your mouth. There is no after taste, so you do not have to brush your teeth after using it, as is sometimes the case with other brands.

I first used CBD oil at night and felt a calming effect within 20 minutes. I usually try CBD oils at night just to make sure that their relaxing effect isn’t too strong and it could negatively impact my daily activities. However, while Cibdol 4% CBD oil has a calming effect, it does not cause sleepiness in my case. I enjoyed the experience of relaxation after taking Cibdol CBD Oil, so I decided to share it with my boyfriend during the evening when he had trouble falling asleep. In his case, the CBD oil worked stronger and helped him fall asleep quicker. With the regular use recommended on a package, I could feel an effect on my mood within a week. Not only I noticed the change, but also my closest friends. I was less irritable, even during conversations that would annoy me in the past.

What is the effect of taking Cibdol CBD oil over time?

Taking Cibdol before sleep
Taking Cibdol before sleep

The strongest effect I’ve experienced by taking CBD oil happened at night. The quality of my sleep significantly improved while taking this product. Most of the mornings I felt well-rested and what’s more important, I stopped waking up as much during the night. Another benefit that I feel was significant was that I had much more creative dreams and I remembered them more accurately. There are many famous breakthroughs that came to people in their dreams and from my experience, I can say that taking this CBD oil may enhance your probability of coming up with some creative ideas or solutions to your problems.

While testing this oil I was in the middle of some major life changes and thanks to this product I was capable of staying more positive throughout the whole process. I had two very important job-related meetings and decided to take Cibdol 4% CBD Oil before those meetings, which significantly helped me to reduce my anxiety related to public speaking. What’s more important is that while I felt much more relaxed than I normally would in those circumstances, I did not feel sleepy; this product allowed me to stay alert and focused at all times without any negative consequences. Overall I expected to feel more stressed in the past month, but perhaps due to CBD oil supplementation, I haven’t experienced negative consequences of chronically elevated cortisol (which is a result of stress) like fatigue, dizziness, restless sleep.

Cibdol 4% CBD Oil for active people

I didn’t detect this at the beginning, but I’ve noticed that Cibdol 4% CBD oil has impacted my physical performance. I’m not a huge fan of taking CBD oil as a pre-workout in order to increase energy, but from my experience administering it sublingually even after the workout helped to prevent muscle soreness. Typically athletes would rub topical CBD oil on the skin, but in my case just taking it orally made an impact on my muscles. I would still get some muscle soreness after a challenging HIIT workout (High-intensity interval training), but it definitely wasn’t as painful as usual. After two weeks of my CBD oil supplementation, I have noticed that my muscles were less tense during foam rolling after my workout. I personally believe that I have slightly improved my mobility, which is important for me, even though I’m not a professional athlete.

Personal summary of Cibdol 4% CBD Oil

Overall, I would highly recommend this product and will probably re-purchase it for one of my family members to see if it will help them with their joint pain. I appreciate the values that Cibdol represents. I’m particularly glad that the ingredient list of Cibdol products stays relatively simple and that its products are free of any aggressive chemicals. I highly appreciate that the company makes quality products in an environmentally-aware way. The oil itself doesn’t have any noticeable features that I dislike besides the transparent bottle. I’m still concerned about the risk of fat oxidation in the carrier oil. Some people may also dislike the fact that this product doesn’t give very strong and immediate results, though they may have a better experience with higher concentrations or dosages.

Cibdol 4% CBD Oil Value

Cibdol 4% CBD Oil is manufactured with strict standards by a reputable CBD oil producer, which ensures that those products have the purest quality on the European market. Higher production costs and advanced extraction and filtration have an impact on the price, which is higher than products with similar CBD concentrations. If taken daily according to the recommended dosage, this product (10ml bottle) will not last longer than 1 month.

Pros and cons of Cibdol natural CBD Oil 4%

  • Traditionally-grown hemp
  • Swiss quality standard
  • Third-party lab test results available on website for each batch
  • Earthy and bitter taste
  • Transparent bottle combined with olive oil carrier
  • Dropper without measurements, higher price point

Cibdol 4% CBD Oil in a nutshell

  • Contains 2 mg of CO₂-extracted CBD per one drop
  • 10 ml bottle
  • full-spectrum product with less than 0.03% THC
  • olive oil as a carrier

Try Cibdol CBD Oil 4%

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Cibdol natural CBD Oil 4%

Taste - 7.5
Quality - 9
Effect over time - 8
Packaging - 7
Price - 8.3
Halal CBD - 10


Cibdol 4% CBD Oil is manufactured with strict standards by a reputable CBD oil producer, which ensures that those products have the purest quality on the European market. Higher production costs and advanced extraction and filtration have an impact on the price, which is higher than products with similar CBD concentrations. If taken daily according to the recommended dosage, this product (10ml bottle) will not last longer than 1 month.

User Rating: 3.41 ( 7 votes)

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