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fourfivecbd CBD 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil vs Capsules Review

fourfivecbd products are a perfect fit for people that live an active lifestyle. However, you probably would like to know which of their products works better: CBD oil or CBD capsules? fourfivecbd 0% THC CBD Oil with handy spray applicator is carefully tested for cross-contamination of any banned substances, which makes it a great CBD product for professional athletes. On the other hand, fourfivecbd capsules are just as good for anyone who is looking for CBD products that are easy to use and allow slower absorption of CBD. Check out other differences and similarities between those products in the rest of our review.

fourfivecbd – by athletes for athletes

fourfivecbd was founded by two professional sportsmen, Dom Day and George Kruis; both of them have been playing professional rugby for over a decade. They had been looking for a natural supplement that could help them relieve the symptoms they experienced, caused by frequent injuries. Since they discovered the benefits of CBD, it has become the number one product helping them to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. In 2018 they decided to create their own company that offers safe and highest-grade organic CBD products suitable for athletes like themselves.

fourfivecbd sources its hemp from Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. The hemp plants are grown without the use of any pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers or harmful chemicals. All of their products are manufactured in a facility that is ISO 9001 accredited. It means that the organization has implemented Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business, including facilities, people, training, services, equipment.

This brand helps you to maintain your active lifestyle by offering the highest grade CBD products and CBD sports supplements. fourfivecbdoffers CBD oils, capsules, muscle rubs, and balms. All their products contain less than 0.20% THC.

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fourfivecbd capsules

fourfivecbd capsules review

fourfivecbd capsules is an easy-to-use CBD product that allows slower absorption of CBD. This product is designed to help athletes to support and maintain their active lifestyles. Each capsule contains full-spectrum cannabis extract, inulin and is made of the vegetable coating. This product is vegan-friendly and herbicide-free and pesticide-free. fourfivecbd capsules are available in 2 quantities: you can get 30 capsules in a container or 60 capsules in a container; each capsule contains 10mg of CBD. The cannabis extract was obtained through CO2 extraction. This product is 3’rd Party Lab Tested.

fourfivecbd capsules lab results

COA - Batch number FFCBD04 - fourfivecbd capsules
COA – Batch number FFCBD04 – fourfivecbd capsules

The Certificate of Analysis for the latest batch of fourfivecbd capsules is available on the fourfivecbdwebsite. A laboratory test was conducted by Pharma Lab in Slovenia. Unfortunately the Test Certificate does not feature a batch number, so it was difficult to confirm whether the published lab test results belonged to my product. That’s why I wrote an email to customer service and I received the correct CoA for the batch number which was on my product (which was FFCBD04).

From the document, I could find out that the tested sample contained 31.3 mg/g of CBD and 8.0mg/g of CBDA. Each capsule weighs roughly 0.3g, so in total there is about 11.7mg of CBD in the capsule. That’s a little bit more than what it says on the label, but as a customer, you benefit from it. In the tested sample, there was also 1.1mg/g of CBDV, which is a less well-known cannabinoid. The amount of other cannabinoids was so small that it was below the limit of quantification (0.03wt%).

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fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil is designed for athletes

fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil is designed for athletes

fourfivecbd 0% THC CBD Oil is made with 0% THC and 100% natural ingredients. It was specifically designed for professional athletes. It contains broad-spectrum cannabis extract and medium-chain triglyceride oil. It is supplied in a 30ml spray bottle with a spray applicator, containing 1000mg of CBD. Each spray should contain 4.12mg CBD, and the bottle should last for ~240 sprays. This product is also herbicide and pesticide-free and is extracted through the same method as the capsules to preserve the unique nutritional content of hemp.

The first product to meet the requirements of the BSCG Certified Hemp™ program

fourfivecbd 0% THC CBD Oil is tested for cross-contamination with banned substances, which makes it a great product for professional athletes. Certification has been provided by the Banned Substance Control Group. The BSCG is a leading third-party certification and testing provider for dietary supplements and natural products. fourfivecbd 0% THC is the first product to meet the requirements of the BSCG Certified Hemp™ program. Thanks to that, athletes and other professionals can benefit from taking CBD even if they are subjected to drug testing.

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Pros and cons of fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil

  • Easy to transport and use spray bottle
  • BSCG third-party certification
  • Perfect for professional athletes
  • Premium price point
  • No entourage effect

fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil lab results

BSCG Analytical Report -COA 3rd party lab results - FourFive CBD - Batch number FFTF01 COA 1/3
BSCG Analytical Report -COA 3rd party lab results - FourFive CBD - Batch number FFTF01 COA 2/3
BSCG Analytical Report -COA 3rd party lab results - FourFive CBD - Batch number FFTF01 COA 3/3

fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil contains no THC, so it’s an ideal product for drug-tested professionals. This CBD oil was approved by the BSCG and the certificate of analysis is available on the fourfivecbdwebsite.

You can find a batch number of fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil on the bottom of the spray bottle. In my case the batch number was FFTF01 and lab results for this batch were available on their website. Lab analysis revealed that the tested sample contained 1054.62 mg of CBD in a 30ml bottle. There were no other cannabinoids present in the tested sample. This means that drug tested athletes can take this CBD oil without worrying about THC and be confident that they won’t fail any drug test.

The tested sample was also analysed for the presence of residual solvents. Some solvents were detected in the sample, but none of them in any significant quantities, so the sample passed this test. fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil also meets European Pharmacopoeia Pesticides Residual limits. From the report, I also obtained information that this oil passed the test for contaminants, such as microbiological agents. The last thing that was mentioned in the Certificate of Analysis was a test for the presence of heavy metals; 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil manufactured by fourfivecbdalso passed this test, so you don’t have to worry, this product is safe for consumption.

fourfivecbd Capsules vs fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil comparison

fourfivecbd capsules at a glance

fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil

Ingredients Full-spectrum cannabis extract, inulin, vegetable capsules Broad-spectrum cannabis extract, Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil
Type of CBD Full-spectrum Broad-spectrum
Carrier oil no carrier oil MCT oil
Suggested serving size 1 capsule One or two sprays under tongue
Amount of CBD per serving 10mg one spray=0.12ml /4.12mg CBD
Available container sizes 30 capsules, 60 capsules 30 ml
Amount of CBD in containers 300mg or 600mg 1000mg
Attributes vegan-friendly, herbicide-free, pesticide-free vegan-friendly, herbicide-free, pesticide-free
Test results available Yes Yes
Certification ISO 9001 certified, BSCG certified, ISO 9001 certified
Brand headquarters 2 Victoria Square, St Albans, AL13TF, Great Britain
Where can you get FourFive shipment to the U.K and Ireland

My personal experience with fourfivecbd products

My personal experience with fourfivecbd products

fourfivecbd products at first glance

fourfivecbdcapsules and 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil come in cardboard boxes. They have a very simple white design with yellow and black elements. The oil comes in a non-transparent bottle with a spray applicator. The capsules come in a container that looks like a regular pillbox.

Using fourfivecbd capsules

Using fourfivecbd capsules

The producer recommends swallowing the capsules with food, and that it’s best to start taking one capsule once or twice a day. I followed that instruction. After that, I increased my dose over time. fourfivecbdstrongly discourages taking more than 200mg of this food supplement daily.

At first, I didn’t feel any effect of the capsules. That is because they are absorbed at a slower rate than regular CBD oil taken sublingually. The upside is that they gave me a longer-lasting effect. Over time I noticed that capsules generally give me a more regular and sustained CBD experience. Since it’s a full-spectrum cannabis extract it offers improved effectiveness thanks to the Entourage Effect.

I’m glad that taking capsules is so simple and I don’t have to worry about how many drops of CBD I have taken, because the dose of CBD is pre-measured for you. Moreover, capsules like this do not have any particular taste, compared to sublingual oil, and you can quickly swallow them rather than having to carefully hold it under your tongue.

Using fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil

Using fourfivecbd 0%THC 1000mg CBD oil.

0% THC 1000mg CBD oil comes in a 30ml bottle with spray applicator. The oil itself doesn’t have an odor nor any distinctive flavor. It’s probably one of the first CBD products which I tried that doesn’t have that specific earthy taste. The spray applicator is also very handy and almost entirely mess-free.

fourfivecbdrecommends starting with 1 spray 3 times a day. All you have to do is to spray the CBD oil under your tongue. This achieves the best possible absorption rates and bioavailability. I could feel the first effects of the oil very quickly.

0% THC 1000mg CBD oil works very well almost immediately. It can be your go-to whenever you feel like you would benefit from taking some CBD. I also liked this product right away because it is totally odorless and flavorless.

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Effects of fourfivecbd products over time

Effects of fourfivecbd products over time

Faster recovery with fourfivecbd capsules and CBD oil

After some time I have grown fond of fourfivecbd products like their capsules and CBD oil. Even though I’m not a professional athlete I still benefit from using fourfivecbdproducts. I found them very beneficial, especially after an intensive workout. Spraying a little bit of CBD oil under my tongue became a regular part of my new post-workout routine. I believe it helped me to get rid of muscle tension, supporting my post-exercise recovery.

My sleep and rest improved thanks to fourfivecbd products.

0% THC 1000mg CBD oil impacts me faster because oral sprays are absorbed way quicker than capsules. That’s why I used CBD oil sporadically, mostly after workouts. During busy days, I preferred the slower-releasing and longer-lasting effect of the capsules. Most days I took these at breakfast and a second dose with dinner.

Taking fourfivecbd products regularly improved my sleep quality. Actually, when you’re sleeping, the recovery process really kicks in. Every physically active person who likes to workout should prioritize sleep, and fourfivecbdproducts help to make those rest periods even more beneficial. Taking CBD helped me relax and get plenty of rest between my gym sessions.

Summary of fourfivecbd capsules and 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil

fourfivecbd Capsules vs fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil review - Which is better?
fourfivecbd Capsules vs fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD Oil

Which is better: fourfivecbd capsules or 0%THC 1000mg CBD oil?

There is no one definitive answer to that question. If you would like to choose the right CBD product for yourself, you need to assess what are your goals. Both products work well, but in my opinion 0% THC 1000mg CBD is created specifically for athletes. The oil is quickly absorbed and contains zero THC, which means that you can use it even during sports events to calm your nerves or boost your recovery. The capsules contain the full-spectrum cannabis extract and the cannabinoids are released slower, therefore it is a perfect CBD product for people who want to maintain the stale level of CBD throughout the day.

Value for Money

fourfivecbd products are designed for athletes, but everyone could benefit from taking them. Understandably 0% THC 1000mg CBD is slightly more expensive, but you should keep in mind that it’s the first CBD product tested for cross-contamination of banned substances. It’s worth paying a little bit more for a safe food supplement that is the highest quality, especially if you are a professional who undergoes drug testing.

Quick Summary of fourfivecbd capsules

  • 30 or 60 capsules
  • 1 capsule= 10mg CBD
  • vegan-friendly capsule
  • CO2 extracted full-spectrum cannabis extract

Price: 69.99 £

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Quick Summary of fourfivecbd 0% THC 1000mg CBD oil

  • 30ml bottle with spray applicator
  • 4.1mg CBD in one spray
  • BSCG certified
  • CO2 extracted broad spectrum cannabis extract

Price: 29.99 £ (30 capsules) and 49.99 £ (60 capsules)

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