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Review: Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil Has a Mild Effect

5% CBD Oil

Jacob Hooy CBD+

Bath & Beauty
  • size: 10ML
  • Dosage:500mg
  • Price:€29,99
  • Effects felt:Mood, Anti-anxiety

"This oil really helped to stablize my mood. I was less irritated. I was, in general, a little happier, and I had less anxiety."

  • Family Owned
  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • Organic

Editor Score:

User Ratings: 3.4/5

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil is a 100 percent natural product. The company labels this product ‘CBD+’ because it also contains other cannabinoids, besides CBD. Each 10 ml bottle contains 500 mg of CBD, which equals approximately 240 drops. The CBD (and other cannabinoids) are diluted in cold-pressed hemp seed oil.


Jacob Hooy – a brand respected throughout Europe

It may be hard to believe, but Jacob Hooy was founded in 1743. Back then, it was just a simple shop located in Amsterdam that mostly sold spices and herbs. For many years it was a family-owned business, eventually being sold to another family in the 19th century, who still runs it today. The company’s original values have been built into its corporate DNA: beautiful, healthy, and fair products. Perhaps that’s why today Jacob Hooy is a well-known company, perceived as a very trustworthy and respectable brand.

Jacob Hooy’s products are made from organic hemp. The company produces according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which means that it adheres to strict hygiene codes and HACCP principles. According to its QA officer, it’s “almost ISO22000 certified (in transition right now)” (last update 20.09.2019). All of its products are tested by a third-party laboratory, but it does not post the lab test results online. However, you can request them by writing an email to the company.

Have you seen Jacob Hooy in your health food store?

January of 2018 was a significant time for the Jacob Hooy company. Holland and Barrett, the world’s leading health and wellness retailer, decided to extend its product range to include CBD products. Jacob Hooy is one of the two brands of CBD products that can be found on the shelves of this health food store. Thanks to that, CBD products became more accessible to everyone.

Does Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% have something special to offer?

Jacob Hooy's CBD+ 5% CBD oil
Jacob Hooy’s CBD+ 5% CBD oil

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% is one of the medium-strength products offered by Jacob Hooy. In its product lineup, you can also find CBD+ 2.5% oil, which has low potency and is great for beginners without chronic conditions. However, for now, let’s focus on CBD+ 5%. This oil is made from 100 percent natural hemp seeds. Unfortunately, we do not know where exactly those plants are grown. Hemp seeds are pressed in cold temperatures to preserve the nutritional content of the hemp. It’s worth knowing that hemp seed oil contains minerals, vitamins, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid, which are preserved in this way.

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% contains 500 mg of CBD in a 10 ml bottle. However, the company also offers the same oil in a 30 ml bottle, which may be the more cost-efficient option for people who use this oil regularly. Each 10 ml bottle contains around 240 drops, so one drop has about 2 mg of CBD in it.

Besides CBD, Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% contains also other cannabinoids, but, and that is the most important information, it does not contain any illegal amounts of intoxicating substances like THC that could cause psychedelic reactions.

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% at a glance

Flavors available Natural
Ingredients Hemp oil, hemp paste (leaf and flower)
Suggested serving size Max 10 drops per day
Amount of CBD per serving Max 20 mg
Available bottle sizes 10 ml, 30 ml
Amount of CBD in bottles 500 mg (10 ml)
Carrier oil Hemp oil
Attributes Organic
Test results available After email request
Certification HACCP certified, almost ISO22000 certified (in the process), No info about GMP
Brand headquarters Limmen, the Netherlands
Where can you get Jacob Hooy The UK, the Netherlands, Germany

What do the lab test results say?

On the Jacob Hooy website, we can read that each batch undergoes laboratory testing to ensure the correct content of CBD. Unfortunately, these lab tests are not directly available on the company’s website. I wanted to examine the lab test results for my batch of CBD+ 5% on my own, which is why I sent an email straight to the company. I received the response from Jacob Hooy with attached lab test results within 24 hours. I must admit that I like the fast response from customer service.

From the documents I received from Jacob Hooy, I found out that my oil doesn’t quite contain five percent of CBD but only 4.78 percent of CBD. In my opinion, this is disappointing because that means that the labeling of this product is inaccurate, and the standards for accurate dosing are not to the level that I would expect. However, we should keep in mind that a difference of 0.22 percentage points is small and acceptable to me. Nonetheless, it’s always worth to ask the producer for the lab test results. I’m convinced that there are less trustworthy companies that sell two to three percent CBD oils as five percent CBD oils. This gives some insight as to why some people won’t see the expected results from taking CBD oils. They may not obtain any positive clinical response, because the products they are purchasing do not contain the anticipated dose.

If you take a look at the results you may be a little bit confused, as I was, because the lab used mg/kg as a unit to present the amount of cannabinoids. However, it’s very easy to convert those numbers into percentages. Therefore, 47,822 mg/kg of CBD becomes 4.78 percent of CBD (both as CBD and CBDA). CBDA is an acidic form of CBD and it has some health benefits. For example, it can lower systemic inflammation in the body.

I feel obligated to say that the batch number of my product (which I found on a label on a bottle) is 057089. Nonetheless, this number is nowhere to be found on the lab test results sent to me by the company. Still, I do trust Jacob Hooy that it has sent me the lab test results for my product. Unfortunately, those were the only laboratory analyses I’ve received. I didn’t see any results of the inspection whether this product contains any heavy metals or pesticides. However, according to Jacob Hooy, its products are organic.

Is there THC in the CBD+ 5% CBD oil?

The lab results stated that CBD+ 5% CBD oil contains 0.1159 percent of total THC. At first, I was surprised, because such results indicated that this product could trigger psychedelic experience for very sensitive people. However, I quickly realized that I was wrong. The tested sample contains less than 0.1 mg/kg of the active form of THC. However, it contains 0.1313 percent of THCA, which is non-psychoactive and a medically beneficial compound. You don’t have to worry, because the human body is not capable of converting THCA into THC. Therefore, this product will not make you high.

My personal experience with Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% oil

My Experience with Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% Oil
My Experience with Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% Oil

How does it look at first sight?

I’ve seen Jacob Hooy products in my health food store many times, so the design of the bottle looks familiar to me. It has a logo with hemp leaf, which may help you to quickly recognize that it’s CBD oil. On the labeling, you can find important information about recommended use.

Jacob Hooy suggests keeping that bottle at room temperature. You can use this CBD+ 5% CBD oil two to three times a day. You should apply the oil directly to your mouth, in the area under your tongue. You should not exceed ten drops per day. The manufacturer of this product informs its customers that each individual has to adjust the dose for themselves. Sometimes you have to wait a few weeks to notice any results.

The oil is in a dark bottle and has a distinctive smell. What I like about the CBD+ 5% CBD oil’s packaging is that the brown bottle protects all of the ingredients from UV light damage. The oil has a flowy consistency and after consumption, it doesn’t leave you with any unpleasant after taste. If you’re sticking to the recommended dose, and you will take only a few drops each time, you shouldn’t find this product unpleasant in taste. On the plus side, this natural taste reinforces that this is premium quality CBD oil.

Effects of using Jacob Hooy 5% CBD oil

Truth be told, I’ve actually used Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil in the past, long before this review. It was the first CBD oil I’ve ever tried. It’s been two years since I stopped taking it and decided to try another brand of CBD oil. However, I’ve decided to give this oil a second chance, to find out if this time, I will obtain the same results as two years ago.

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil was the first oil I’ve tested after a few weeks break from taking any CBD oil. I started to feel the first effect of this oil after a week or two, but the effects were very mild. The main issue I had at the time was a pain in my knee. I’ve decided to join a salsa class for beginners. I’m not skilled in moving my body in that way, so I quickly started to feel some discomfort in my left knee during dancing. The day after the lesson I could still feel that my knee hadn’t fully recovered, so decided to take a little bit more and it definitely helped me to ease my discomfort. Around the time of my weekly salsa lesson, I always took a little bit more of the Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil to be more relaxed and present during my practice.

To my surprise the effects I’ve obtained from using that oil were very similar to the effects I got last time I tried it. I felt a bit calmer and I was able to keep my anxiety at bay. The only difference was that this time I haven’t noticed a change in my dream pattern. Usually, CBD oils trigger in me very creative dreams, which I can easily recollect in the morning. Unfortunately, this time, using this oil, I didn’t have any unusual dreams.

What is my verdict on Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil?

Overall, I enjoyed taking Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil. It helped me with my mood and it lessened my knee pain. It’s great that you don’t have to search very hard to find CBD products because they are often available in popular health food stores. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing that the labeling is incorrect and my product has less CBD than is displayed on the label.

Is Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil worth every penny?

In my opinion, the effects of Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil are very mild. This is a good product for people who deal with minor health issues and would like to try using CBD oil for the first time. The biggest asset is that this oil is very accessible for many people. However, in my opinion, CBD+ 5% CBD oil is a bit overpriced.

Pros and cons of Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil

  • Well-known company
  • Good customer service
  • Available in popular health food stores
  • Labeling accuracy could be improved
  • No lab test results online
  • A bit overpriced

What you need to know about Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil

    • Almost 500 mg of CBD in 10 ml bottle
    • Available in 10 ml or 30 ml bottles

Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil

Taste - 7
Quality - 6
Effect over time - 6
Packaging - 7.5
Price - 6.5
Customer Service & Support - 7.5
Transparency & Accuracy - 6


In my opinion, the effects of Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD oil are very mild. This is a good product for people who deal with minor health issues and would like to try using CBD oil for the first time. The biggest asset is that this oil is very accessible for many people. However, in my opinion, CBD+ 5% CBD oil is a bit overpriced.

User Rating: 3.41 ( 19 votes)

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