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Spruce CBD Max Potency 2400mg CBD Oil Has Moonshine, CBG, CBN and CBC

2400mg CBD Oil

Spruce CBD

Bath & Beauty
  • size: 30ML
  • Dosage:2400mg
  • Price:$269.00
  • Effects felt:Pain relief

"I dont have a bad chronic condition that requires me to taks super high doses. So I can get away with taking a quarter of a drop or even less."

  • Full Spectrum CBD
  • GMO Free
  • Lab Tested
  • Made in USA
  • Organic

Editor Score:

User Ratings: 3.7/5

The Spruce CBD 2400 mg CBD is the strongest CBD tincture offered by Spruce. With 80 mg of full-spectrum, moonshine-distilled (that’s pure grain alcohol, folks) CBD per each 1 ml dropper, this product definitely packs a serious punch. If you are looking for an effective, very concentrated, smooth-flavored CBD supplement, you may have just found your match.


Spruce is a North Carolina-based powerhouse

Spruce logo CBD brand

Spruce is an American company that is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. It grows all of its hemp on two family farms — one in North Carolina and one in Kentucky. Currently, Spruce is available for shipment across the US only. Spruce carries only four product lines, a 750 mg full-spectrum “Moderate Strength” CBD oil, a 2400 mg full-spectrum “Max Strength” CBD oil, a 300 mg topical cream, and a 750 mg full-spectrum “Dog-Friendly” CBD oil. Each of its products is alcohol-extracted, actually using Moonshine, and fully distilled to leave no alcohol after taste or burn.

What is moonshine you may ask? Well, if you’re from the foothills of the Appalachians like I am, then you probably cut your teeth with the aid of a bit of moonshine. Back in the day, Moonshine was just any high proof distilled alcohol that was illicitly procured. Nowadays, it is a fancy mixologist favorite for being 100 percent alcohol.

This focused, smaller product line is an intentional decision made by Spruce, as its FAQ page plainly states that it does not want its clients to have to search around to find a product and concentration that works. Spruce believes that lower-concentrated products aren’t as effective as higher-concentrated, so it simply offers what works. Likewise, Spruce also does not carry gummies, because it believes that these supplements lose a lot of potency in the digestive tract.

While doing research for this review, I was searching for the Certificate of Analysis and sent an email to the “ask us” function on the website, because I couldn’t find it. The only Certificate of Analysis available under the FAQ section was for the 750 mg. Surprisingly, within less than an hour, honestly less than 30 minutes, I had a response, and this was around dinner time, from the OWNER. I really appreciate how quickly they responded.

Let’s explore Spruce Max Potency

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce Max Potency is a full-spectrum product, which means it uses the entire aerial plant parts for processing. Something I really appreciated about Spruce is that it warns its users that the Max Potency Spruce CBD oil may cause them to fail a drug test. The amount of THC won’t get you high, but because it is full spectrum, you get the benefit of the “entourage effect,” where all the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the plant work together to bring about a fuller effect.

The most interesting aspect of Spruce’s marketing is, that instead of saying its products are alcohol distilled, the company says they are Moonshine distilled, which is pure grain alcohol. Yes, I know that alcohol extraction is fairly common, but this is the first time I have gotten to review a company that actively advertises its Moonshine distillation process (instead of just saying it uses alcohol extraction.) Spruce clearly knows its audience and the website caters to the popularity of Moonshine.

The Spruce Max Potency formula has 2400 mg of CBD, with about 80 mg per each dropper. Spruce actually carriers two versions of Max Potency, one with coconut oil and one with hemp seed oil as the carrier oil. I was sent and tested the Max Potency in a coconut oil base. This product, especially for being so concentrated and alcohol extracted, is seriously easy to take. Granted, this is not an after-dinner cordial, but in the realm of strong-flavored CBD supplements, this stuff comes in with a super smooth flavor with only a mild pine after flavor that some people might call earthy. Considering this extraction method, I was definitely pleased with the taste.

Let’s take a look inside the bottle of Spruce Max Potency CBD

Spruce Max Potency CBD Oil
Flavor Natural
Ingredients CBD, coconut oil, natural flavors
Amount of CBD per dose 80 mg
Available bottle sizes 30 ml
Amount of CBD in bottles 2400 mg
Carrier Oil Coconut oil
Attributes Organic, vegan, no sweeteners, non-GMO, US-grown, no preservatives
Shipping USA and US Virgin Islands only
Test results available COAs available via website request submission

Spruce Max Potency lab results

ACS Laboratories performed the test for the 2400 mg Max Potency Oil by Spruce. The owner of the company responded to an email of mine at like 5:30 pm on a weekday night, with almost lightning speed, sending me a copy of the analysis reports. This report includes the test results for microbials, pesticides, and, of course, the cannabinoid reports.

Something I noticed was that the Spruce Max Potency CBD oil had several cannabinoids that tested high enough to show up on the report. In fact, CBG, CBN, and CBC all had high enough quantities in the product to test positive on the test. Although we don’t have enough studies to truly know, preliminary evidence talks about the benefits of these cannabinoids to our overall health and well being. It is really cool that Spruce Max Potency CBD tests positive for three other major cannabinoids because in many test results I have seen lately, these other cannabinoids come up as ND (for non-detectible). I love that Spruce is growing such a great product that it allows me to experience the benefits of so many major cannabinoids besides just CBD.

What it’s like to take Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

Spruce Max Potency at first glance

I received this product for the purposes of this review. It came shipped to me inside a cute cardboard box with pretty zig-zag paper cuttings as the wrapping. Inside the box was also a small tutorial on how to take it, with a graph on the back to keep track of results. The 30 ml bottle itself is brown with the logo in white in front of a backdrop of green trees and a mountain. I actually thought the design was very pretty.

In all honesty, I have been super busy lately with work, kids, life, blah blah (yes, I can hear you playing the world’s tiniest violin for me.) So when I opened the box, it was late at night, like right before bed, and I assumed (don’t ask me why) that it was a lower dosed product. (No, I didn’t look at what I was taking, it was late, I was tired, but also sorta hyper tired and I just wanted to relax and not think.) I opened the box, admired the packaging only enough to figure out how to open the cellophane-wrapped topper, opened it up and took the entire dropper full.

For this first application, I put it under my tongue and THEN decided to read the packaging. It was still under my tongue when I realized I wasn’t taking my typical dose (at night I will take about 20 mg to help me sleep), but I was quadrupling that dose. I told my husband he better listen for my breathing tonight because I was worried. (Which is completely unfounded but that’s the sort of irrational thought patterns that come across my mind.) He rolled his eyes and then said he wanted to try it. Typical.

It goes without saying, I slept pretty freaking awesome that night. Like, the sort of sleep that only comes to single people that have stayed out too late the night before, doing who knows what, to come home and crash at like 3 and then sleep til 3:30-4 pm the next day. That sort of sleep. It was glorious. I woke up with no pains, (I wish it was at 3:30 pm, but it was MUCH earlier than that) I was not groggy, and I decided I was hooked.

For a full-spectrum product, this oil is very light. It’s almost as light as the Kat’s Naturals Heal, and that’s a CBD Isolate. When you open the bottle you smell a faint plant smell but it’s not terrible. The first thing you taste has a heavy pine flavor to it, but even in that heaviness, it isn’t overwhelming or strong. The aftertaste does linger a while, which is definitely more earthy — but for being an alcohol extracted product, I didn’t taste any moonshine.

Using Spruce Max Potency CBD over time

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

After that first time when I took a much stronger dose than I typically do, I have been playing with taking ¼ -½ dropper doses, depending on the day I’ve had (can I get an amen?) The only thing I noticed is that there is a bit of an almost pine-like after taste, but you know what, I must be living right, or this stuff is working, because I’m not supplementing mid-day with any CBD for stress or residual aches and pains associated with living a hard-on-my-body sort of life. I have a herniated disc in my lower back, I have two little kids, and I lead a very active lifestyle — something almost always HURTS. Well, it hasn’t since using Spruce Max Strength CBD!

Sleeping with Spruce Max Potency CBD oil

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil


I turn 40 this coming year (AWESOME! Said no one, ever.) This means I’m entering the promised land of terrible sleep and the eyes to prove it. This means I’m basically gonna try anything if it will help me get my blessed eight. Who am I kidding, I will take six solid hours and wake up grateful. After a bit of tinkering with Spruce Max Potency, I found that a ¼ dropper was enough to get me to slow down enough to really sleep, which is great because that means my bottle will last longer.

What you are gonna love best about Spruce Max Potency

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

You’ll love this CBD supplement because it is alcohol extracted but it doesn’t taste like it. Another great thing about Spruce Max Potency is that a little of this goes a long way, a very long way. If you’re not into added sugars and preservatives, etc, you’ll really appreciate how simple this product is: industrial hemp oil (and all its natural flavorings) and coconut oil.

Summary of Spruce Max Potency


This is definitely a premium product, especially compared to lower valued products. However, Spruce Max Potency CBD definitely seems to be a higher-quality product because the results I get after taking this product are definitely more pronounced. A little of this product goes a long way, so if you don’t need such a strong dose each time, this product could last you quite a while.

Pros and cons of Spruce CBD Review, Max Potency 2400mg CBD Oil

  • Non-GMO and organic
  • Mild-flavored
  • Super-concentrated
  • Premium-priced produc
  • Only four product lines
  • No isolates or broad-spectrum products

Let’s recap what you get with Spruce Max Potency CBD

  • Contains 80 mg CBD per dropper (or 1 ml)
  • Comes in a 30 ml bottle
  • Non-flavored
  • Moonshine (alcohol) distilled

Spruce Max Potency 2400 mg CBD Oil

Taste - 8.5
Quality - 9
Effect over time - 9
Packaging - 8.5
Price - 7.8
Customer Service & Support - 8.8
Transparency & Accuracy - 8.8


This is definitely a premium product, especially compared to lower valued products. However, Spruce Max Potency CBD definitely seems to be a higher-quality product because the results I get after taking this product are definitely more pronounced. A little of this product goes a long way, so if you don’t need such a strong dose each time, this product could last you quite a while.

User Rating: 3.67 ( 24 votes)

10 thoughts on “Spruce CBD Max Potency 2400mg CBD Oil Has Moonshine, CBG, CBN and CBC

  1. Avatar
    josh says:

    I just got mine today (Spruce 2400mg) and it is NOT clear. Also, Spruce sent me an email telling me it is extremely bitter. How are the products we received so different?

    • Avatar
      Green Valley Nation Editorial says:

      Most high potency + Full spectrum CBD oils have a more “earthy” flavor (which is another way to they taste like leaves).

  2. Avatar
    Tony Spencer says:

    Re: Josh’s question about clarity and bitter… Josh the product reviewed above is our 2,400mg in MCT/coconut oil. That product comes from our NC partner farms, goes through an additional distillation process to tame the taste and is a different strain of hemp. It has proven to be very popular among our customers dealing with anxiety and sleep whereas the more bitter version of the 2400mg in hemp seed oil is superior for most other issues.

    Feel free to hop on our web chat if you have other questions and we’ll take good care of you.

  3. Avatar
    Laura says:

    I see that elixinol had reformulated Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture 4000mg. Would that be stronger than this?

  4. Avatar
    Tony Spencer says:

    Lauren: No that Elixinol 4000mg is not nearly as strong. The reason is that the 4000mg is in a bottle 4 times as large as ours. This means that for the same sized bottle (30ml) you’d be getting only 1000mg. It means that one of their droppers full (1ml) is only 32mg of CBD whereas one full dropper from Spruce 2400mg bottle is delivering 80mg of CBD…. way more concentrated.

    • Avatar
      David says:

      When the bottle is opened is the band between the dropper top and the bottle neck supposed to stay attached to the dropper top?

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