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Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD Tincture Review

Pure 1000mg CBD Tincture

Swiss Relief

Bath & Beauty
  • size: 30ML
  • Dosage:1000mg
  • Price:$100.00
  • Effects felt:Calm

"This particular product tastes like you're drinking juiced hemp: it's that strongly flavored."

  • Made in USA
  • Lab Tested
  • Organic
  • GMP Certified
  • GMO Free
  • ISO Certified

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Swiss Relief, an American premium CBD provider

Although named after our friends in Europe, Swiss Relief actually grows their CBD in the U.S. Swiss Relief is proudly sourced from a single strain or, Cultivar, (if you happen to glance over to their website and see that in several locations.) Each strain or cultivar of the hemp plant has different levels of cannabinoids, so by single sourcing their product, they are trying to achieve similar cannabinoid profiles from crop to crop, which of course is not 100% possible since it is a natural product, but the premise supports better quality control.

Swiss Relief has a large variety of products ranging from tinctures, oil sprays, salves, gel caps, and gummies. All of their products utilize nanotechnology to help the CBD get into your system more efficiently. Nanotechnology has been used since the 60s in the medical field and requires sophisticated technology in order to effectively cover each molecule of CBD in a fatty “bubble” that can make it past all the acids in your stomach to enable more of the CBD to make it into your system after digestion. This particular application helps to more efficiently get the CBD into your system, therefore enhancing the overall effect you may receive from the product.

Another great thing about the Swiss Relief products is that while they are 3rd party tested for quality, these products also use a CBD Isolate. To make a CBD Isolate, manufacturers take the Industrial hemp plant and remove all the other cannabinoids found in the plants and save just the CBD. Then, to further ensure that the THC has been removed, Swiss Relief has its products verified down to the triple zero levels (0.00) for the absence of THC. This means that virtually no THC is found in their products. I couldn’t find out whether or not these products were manufactured in a GMP certified facility, further ensuring the quality, however, the test results do show that no THC is found in the product.

What’s you get with each Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD bottle

What’s you get with each Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD bottle

Inside each package of the Pure 1000 mg of CBD by Swiss Relief you get 30 ml (or 1 oz) of a CBD Isolate inside of a hemp oil carrier oil. The thing that makes this product (and all the Swiss Relief products) unique is that they are nano emulsified. Although a more expensive option than other CBD isolate products on the market, this enhanced technology and delivery method may enable you to receive better benefits from a lower dose.

Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD

Ingredients CBD & Hemp Oil
Available Sizes 30 ml
Suggested Serving Size 1 ml
Total Amount CBD per serving 33 mg
Attributes Organic, US Grown, Vegan, Non-GMO
Shipping USA
Test Results Available online via QR code on box and bottle and from their website under LEARN on the main menu

Let’s dive right into the COA of Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD oil, shall we?

Evio Labs performed the test results for the Pure 1000 mg CBD. I was able to easily find the test results under the Learn tab from the Swiss Relief Home page. However, you can also scan the QR code which will take you to the same page. Interestingly, the Swiss Relief test results page isn’t listed by batch number, rather, they are listed by product. This is slightly confusing because on the bottom of the bottle, you will see a batch number and expiration date, so I’m not sure why the batch number is included on the bottom of the bottle. My lot # did not match the information on the COA listed on their website.

Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD Oil - Third party - certificate of analysis -1/2
Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD Oil - Third party - certificate of analysis -2/2

Is Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD really THC free?

Looking at these results you’ll see that in fact there is 0.00 THC found in the product, as well as 1001 mg of CBD per bottle. Swiss Relief also shows you that this product tests NT (non-traceable) for pesticides, residual solvents, microbials, and heavy metals. Pure is a great name for this product since literally the only thing that shows up in the test results is CBD.

What is it like to supplement with Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg of CBD

The Swiss Relief packaging

I actually received this product in the mail for the purposes of this review. It comes in a green box with white accents and the red and grey Swiss Relief logo. The packaging has a QR code for easy access to test results as well as ingredients, nutritional information, and a short back story on the Swiss Relief brand. Inside the box, you’ll find the 30 ml bottle, which is opaque black (and is perfect for maintaining the integrity of the contents within the product,) with a green and black wrapper that also includes the QR code for easy test result locating, nutritional information and the logo with a product name and total CBD quantities. At the bottom of the bottle is a lot number and expiration date.

The first time I supplemented with Swiss Relief

It was the end of a particularly hectic day and although my body was exhausted, my mind was going at least 1000 mph. (now, I’ve never actually gone THAT fast, but my brain was going what I assumed to be that fast because it was hard keeping up with my own self.) Before bed, I took a half a dropper because I generally don’t need that much CBD at one dose (except with isolate products). I wanted to see if around 17mg of CBD isolate would do the trick and make my brain shut down. Within about 30 minutes, I was having trouble focusing on my reading because I was so tired, so the Pure 1000 mg CBD actually worked to get me to sleep! I will warn you though, I actually had to re-check the bottle because when I take an isolate product, the “earthy” flavor commonly found in non-flavored CBD supplements isn’t that strong. This particular product tastes like you’re drinking juiced hemp, it’s that strongly flavored.

What it’s like to use Swiss Relief over time

Since I have been supplementing with CBD daily for over a year now, it is pretty safe to assume I have achieved a “homeostasis” or what I like to call, “tolerance” for the product. When I first started taking it, 3-5 mg of CBD would typically do the trick to reduce my daily pain or anxiety. Over time, however, I have moved up to 10-15 mg of a full spectrum CBD. Since this is an isolate product, I typically need just a bit more (as the entourage effect of having all the cannabinoids working together can’t happen.) However, using the Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD has always worked at the 17 mg or even 8-10 mg per dose.

During the day, I can take ¼ dropper (around 8-10 mg of CBD) and within just a few minutes my brain starts to slow down and the usual pain spots have diminished. I love how this particular product helps me to really hunker down and get focused without being too sleepy too. At night, I go back up to 17mg or half a dropper mostly because I’m really paranoid about not falling asleep because if you look up monkey mind in the urban dictionary, you’ll probably find a picture of me, especially at night before bed.

I still haven’t gotten over how earthly and plant like this product tastes. It’s probably because Swiss Relief uses hemp oil as a carrier oil instead of a milder oil like coconut or olive oil. Although it is an isolate, it certainly doesn’t taste like an isolate product.

My top 3 reasons you should try Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD

My Top 3 Reasons You Should Try Swiss Relief™ Pure 1000 mg CBD

  • Simple Product. This product contains two ingredients, CBD Isolate and Hemp Oil. It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.
  • High Tech Production. Although nanotechnology has been around in the medical field for decades, it is still very new to the CBD supplement market and offers pretty awesome benefits for those seeking more natural relief from common ailments like inflammation and anxiety.
  • Performance. Since this is a tincture that is nano emulsified, you will feel the benefits of taking this supplement, fast. Like in under 15 minutes fast.

My least favorite things about Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD oil

  • “Natural” flavor is very strong. If you do not like the more earthy flavors commonly found in CBD products, this product will NOT be your jam. I’m actually surprised at how natural this tastes but definitely keep in mind, you may have to psych yourself up before taking this product because it tastes strongly of hemp.
  • Higher Price Point. Since this product does use nanotechnology to deliver the CBD to your system, you will pay a premium for it. Other delivery methods may be cheaper to produce, but don’t have the same promising efficacy.
  • CBD Isolate vs Full Spectrum. Since I am self employed, I do not have to worry about the absence or presence of THC in a product. I really prefer full spectrum products because it typically means I can get away with using less and still getting the benefits I need. I really wish this had been a full spectrum product. I would have loved to see how little I could take of this particular type of technology and still reap the benefits.

The Value of Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD

The Value of Swiss Relief™ Pure 1000 mg CBD

This product comes in just over $1 per 1 ml serving. For a traditional CBD Isolate product, that is a little on the expensive side. However, since this product is organic and uses more expensive, nanotechnology manufacturing processes, you can expect a more expensive price point for the more effective delivery system.

Pros and cons of Swiss Relief Pure 1000mg CBD

  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Uses nanotechnology to enhance the efficacy of the product
  • More expensive than traditional CBD Isolate Products
  • Strong earthy flavor

Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD

  • 33mg CBD Isolate per 1 ml
  • 30 ml per container
  • Certified Organic, Vegan
  • Nano emulsified delivery of CBD

Swiss Relief Pure 1000 mg CBD Oil

Taste - 7
Quality - 8
Effect over time - 8
Packaging - 7.5
Price - 6
Customer Service & Support - 7
Transparency & Accuracy - 7


This product comes in just over $1 per 1 ml serving. For a traditional CBD Isolate product, that is a little on the expensive side. However, since this product is organic and uses more expensive, nanotechnology manufacturing processes, you can expect a more expensive price point for the more effective delivery system.

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