3 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemp-Infused Skincare Products

Purple flower on a red background

When most people think of hemp, they likely recall the twine necklace popularized by Dave Matthews Band fans in the 1990s. But that’s an unfair association which doesn’t take into account the long history and range of benefits that this superplant offers.  Hemp has a long and rich history Hemp has been cultivated for centuries

What to Do If You Are Feeling Anxious About the Coronavirus

Fear can be a good thing. It is an evolutionary survival mechanism that helps us avoid potentially dangerous situations. Through a process called “negative reinforcement,” humans are able to take on behaviors or actions in order to avoid or remove possible negative outcomes. But when the future is unknown, the system breaks down. More specifically,

Can Topical CBD Help with Lower Back Pain? 

Can Topical CBD Help with Lower Back Pain? 

Lower back pain is a prevalent issue in the United States, affecting more than 3 million individuals annually. While for some lower back pain can simply be uncomfortable and goes away with time, for others, it can be excruciating and life-altering. Types of lower back pain The most common types of lower back pain include

Does CBD Help with Anxiety and PTSD?


Anxiety is the experiencing of an excessive amount of worry or fear and feeling helpless to do anything about these feelings. Experiencing occasional anxiety is a normal part of life. However, people with anxiety disorders typically have repeated bouts of terror or fear, sometimes coming on suddenly, as in panic attacks, and sometimes more prolonged

Does CBD Help with Sleep and Insomnia?

Can CBD Help You Sleep? CBD for insomnia and sleep disorders

About 20% of Americans and 50% worldwide suffer from insomnia, a sleep disorder characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep at least 3 nights per week for 3 months or more. Acute insomnia occurs even more frequently and is the type of sleeplessness that comes before an exam or a big meeting. Insomnia is not

CBD for PMS: Can CBD Help With Menstrual Cramps and Mood Swings?

CBD for Menstrual Cramps

More than 90 percent of women experience symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), according to the US Department of Health & Human Services. PMS can interfere with your body’s most basic everyday functions, such as sleep, appetite, digestion, and immune function – to name a few. Whether you experience mild or severe symptoms or none at

CBD and Inflammation

CBD for inflammation

  The inflammatory process is designed to initially help us with function and repair of injury. However, inflammation that is out of control can lead to diseases such as metabolic syndrome or arthritis. Acute inflammation can be downright painful. It is no wonder we have developed anti-inflammatory medications to control these effects and have now

CBD for Arthritis Pain Relief

CBD for Arthritis

About 54 million adults and 300,000 children have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis in the US, and this number is expected to grow. Globally, we are looking at closer to 350 million people with arthritis.  Quality of life for arthritic patients is fraught with pain, stiffness, limited mobility and decreased movement within the joints.