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Brand Reviews

With so many CBD brands around the world, it is hard to know which brands are the best and which ones might be subpar. We value transparency with all brands we review. Our representatives personally talk with each CBD company to learn about its brand. At Green Valley Nation, we analyze all the brands by testing their products, researching laboratory reports, and understanding what sets each one apart from the others. You’ll find a list of all the products offered by each brand and the attributes that put them above or below the competition.

Here are a few questions and answers we cover with our comprehensive CBD brand reviews
  • Does the brand have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification or any other important certifications?
  • What is the company’s history (when did they first get their start)?
  • Do they offer third-party laboratory testing and/or in-house laboratory testing?
  • Where do they grow and harvest their hemp?
  • Is their hemp cultivated with organic farming practices?
  • Do they publish their lab results online for the public?
  • What extraction method do they use?
  • Do they have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on each product they offer for sale?
  • What exactly does their lab results and COA cover?
  • Do they offer acceptable customer service?
  • Where is the company located?
  • Do they offer worldwide shipping?
  • Is there a return policy?

CBD Product Reviews

Our unbiased, independent, and honest cannabis experts review CBD products to help you make an educated decision regarding your CBD needs.

At Green Valley Nation, we know and understand the importance of CBD to our readers. We provide in-depth brand and product reviews that cover your most important questions.


Product Reviews

Our product reviews at Green Valley Nation are very similar to our brand reviews but provide even more information by showcasing the various products and looking closely at each one. We don’t leave any stone unturned when we conduct product reviews. Our goal is to answer all questions and provide truly transparent, thorough information that our readers can use to make informed decisions on which CBD products to purchase and which ones to avoid.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the best CBD products. There are so many to choose between that it can become confusing. At Green Valley Nation we have teams of reviewers in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Our reviewers personally check all the new and exciting CBD products that are available to the public. Their goal is to shed light on low-quality items and showcase truly outstanding products. We work to lift the veil on the CBD industry and shed light on shady firms whose only goal is to take advantage of innocent people. All previous analysis results are compared to each product to ensure the consistency of the CBD and other ingredients. We publish the products COAs in each review so the readers can clearly see and compare the results of the various merchandise. With our articles, each product is tested by our reviewers and then the details are plainly outlined for the readers.