TeraHemp CBD Review

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Let’s Learn about the New U.S. Based TeraHemp Company

Terahemp logo

TeraHemp is a U.S. based company, headquartered in Miami, Florida. I had a really hard time finding anything out about the company because the About Us page didn’t really discuss the company. Rather it discussed the corporate view that CBD was an amazing supplement and they wanted to provide their own high-quality and safe products to the market.

The goal of Terahemp is to create a single online resource for high quality, affordable hemp products that are guaranteed to help improve your quality of life. They make it easy for consumers in both the U.S. and Europe to buy these products, and they do offer a pretty good 30 day payment refund. They say their products are scientifically tested, however, the website doesn’t show all their tests results.

Pros and Cons of TeraHemp

TeraHemp – Products For Your Stress-Free Life

I got to try 3 of the TeraHemp Products for this brand review:

  1. CBD Hemp Oil Relief for Pain, Stress, Anxiety – 500 mg,
  2. Pain Relief Pills Extra Strength CBD Capsules – 750 mg – 30 capsules
  3. CBD oil Gummy Bears 15 mg Per Gummy – 450 mg (30 count)

CBD Hemp Oil Relief for Pain, Stress, Anxiety – 500 mg

The CBD Hemp Oil Relief for Pain, Stress, Anxiety 500 mg comes in a 30 ml bottle and is just under $70 (U.S.). It is marketed to help increase your concentration with this particular Focus Formulation. TeraHemp uses Sunflower Lecithin as a carrier oil in this full spectrum product. They recommend using ¼ to 1 full dropper per dose. Terahemp has Concentrations as 2000 mg with prices that go up to just under $200. (U.S.)

I do have to admit, for a full spectrum product, this has the mildest flavor I have tried in a while. With about 17mg of CBD per full dropper, that should be enough to get me the relief from aches and pains and to help me focus, but I can’t say that I had those results consistently while taking this product. In fact, I typically take 5-10 mg of a Full Spectrum CBD but when I tried just ½ dropper, I didn’t see any benefits. When I increased my dose to the full dropper I found some relief but not nearly like I did when I supplemented with BlueBird Complete or Endoca.

Pain Relief Extra Strength CBD Capsules – 750 mg 30 Capsules

The Pain Relief Extra Strength CBD Capsules (now called Pure CBD) costs just under $50 (U.S.) and has 30 capsules full of 25 mg Full Spectrum CBD. Tera Hemp now also has an “Extra Strength Sport” that is just under $70 (U.S.) and is also 750 mg. The container of the Pure CBD (previously labeled Pain Relief) looks like it should be hand cream. Instead of looking like a pill bottle which I normally see with CBD capsule supplements, it comes in a shorter, wider container. TeraHemp uses non-GMO vegetarian Capsules, which is great, however, at least with my order, some of the supplement leaked out, so my bottle was greasy, and each capsule was oily from the residue of the product leaking out of the capsule.

I typically take a capsule before bed to help me to stay asleep, and, I don’t normally take 25 mg of full spectrum oil. Unfortunately, these capsules didn’t give me the help sleeping that I normally get with my night time CBD. After several nights trying this supplement, I even went so far as to come off the TeraHemp Capsules for a few days and try another brand of lower concentration and I slept better without the TeraHemp Capsules.

CBD oil Gummy Bears 15 mg Per Gummy – 450 mg (30 count)

The Terahemp Gummy Bears come in a container with 30 gummies each for right around $30. Each gummy is supposed to have 15 mg of CBD, with the first two ingredients being sugar (which basically makes me love them a little extra). I was so sure these gummies would be a win! However, since I am not really looking for any more “special treats” I couldn’t fully embrace the gummies because there is no test result available for them on the website. This made me feel super dubious about taking them because I didn’t feel like I could trust if there really is 15 mg of CBD. Plus, I’m not sure if it is a CBD isolate in the product (typically in edibles like this, it is but we really have no way to know with no test results or other information disclosed on the bottle or online.

Let’s Dive into the Lab Results

Mechanisms of Action of CBD

The Lab Results Mystery

When I first got all these products, I was trying to research what the lab reports stated about their products. Since I started my review with the Tincture, I saw a 500 mg Tincture report available (the link didn’t work, only the PDF download worked.) The bottle did not have a batch number available, so I had to assume the only report available was for my particular product.

Rm3 labs tests the Hemp Oils and provides a clear and concise form with graphics and details on the different amounts of cannabinoids found in their oils. Each test result discloses the total amount of THC (the substance responsible for making you high) and then lists the amount of CBD found relative to the entire test batch. The only test results available on the Terahemp website are for their Oil products. Something interesting I found was that the test result for the 500 mg Tincture was dated March of 2018 (over 18 months ago from the date of this review.)

As a full spectrum product, I noticed that this has just 0.08% THC which I thought would be great for folks trying to stay away from that psychoactive component of the Hemp Plant and that CBD made up 1.87% of the product, which equaled about 17.79 mg of CBD per full dropper for a total of 533.59 mg of CBD per bottle. Other Cannabinoids tested at non-detectible levels. Although the test results didn’t explicitly state this, on the bottom right hand side, it showed two separate test IDs (FX115H- TA and FX115H-TB). Both had near identical amounts of CBD in each batch.

Studying CBD and Learning about Marijuana

Something interesting I noticed on all the reports available was that basically half of the test results talked about the biochemistry of Marijuana, not the actual test results or product. Now, I appreciate education as good as the next person, but I’d rather know if this product tested for pesticides (helping to determine if it truly was organic), heavy metals, microbial reports, and even terpene analysis as in the Endoca Review. Hands down though, the biggest take away from the review section you’ll find is that TeraHemp only provides reviews of the tinctures, there are no links or downloadable PDFs available for the capsules, gummies, or even the topicals.

TeraHemp lab result 1:2

TeraHemp Product Summary

Product NameProduct TypeHighlights
CBD Oils500MG CBD Oil – Simple Relief

1000MG CBD Oil – Advanced Relief

1500MG CBD Oil – Combo Relief

2000MG CBD Oil – Extra Combo Relief

500MG 1+1 CBD Oil – Simple Relief

Mild flavor

Sunflower lecithin carrier oil

Full Spectrum Oil
Capsules750MG Extra Strength Sport CBD Capsules

750MG Pure CBD Capsules
non-GMO vegetarian capsules
Ediblesx400 Elite CBD Chocolate : Dark, Milk, White

450 MG CBD Gummies

600 MG Kaya CBD Tea : Sleep Well

Elite Hemp Gummies - Hemp Infused Sour Gummy x400 (classic)

Elite Hemp Infused Worm Gummies x400 Strength (Classic)

Hemp Sour Rainbow Bites x400

New x2000 Hemp Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

New x200 Hemp Infused Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Cinnamon Cookies, Cookies with Sprinkles

X200 Hemp Crystal Infused Lollipops

X400 Elite CBD Gummies Gummy Poppers

X250 MG Elite CBD Infused Honey
The Edible product test results are not available online

Made in USA

Gummies Sweetened with Sugar, Invert Sugar and Corn Syrup
Topicals250 MG Full Spectrum CBD Cream: Calm & Fast Recovery

250 MG Full Spectrum CBD Cream : Tattoo Aftercare Cream

50 MG Kayavax CBD Lip Balm : Feel Good Lips
No Test Results Available

Calm & Fast Recovery includes lidocaine, jojoba seed oil, Lavender, Shea Butter

Tattoo cream uses Shea Butter, Jojoba seeds oil, Lavender

Lip balm uses coconut oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax

Lip Balm infused with rosebuds, elderflower, and calendula

Materials, Sourcing, and Testing

TeraHemp does not disclose where they source their products. This means I have no real idea if these are U.S. Hemp Plants or foreign grown, I have no idea if these products are organic, or pesticide free at the very least, and the test results don’t disclose microbial levels or pesticide levels.

TeraHemp says that the oils are mixed with Sunflower Lecithin and plant terpenes for the smooth full spectrum flavor, but it does not give you a full ingredient breakdown. However, on the side of the bottle, it lists Sunflower Lecithin, CBD and Essential Oils. I emailed the company twice (but only heard back once since the two emails were sent,) the first one was about a week before the writing of this review, and I did not receive any information about the ingredients inside the tinctures.

That brings up the question of what is in the capsules? The website only says Hemp Extract, MCT, & Vegetarian Capsule. I wanted to assume that since the capsules are filled with an oily substance that it could be the same as in the bottles, but I have no real way of knowing that. The vegetarian capsules did leak (quite a bit), enough for the inside and outside of the bottle to be oily. The gummies are not any better. Terahemp does disclose the ingredients, but no test results are available and it doesn’t say if it’s a CBD isolate (which I assume it is) or if it’s broad or full spectrum CBD in each gummy.

TeraHemp Design and Packaging

First Impressions of the Product

The Terahemp branding nice. The logo is of a Cannabis flower and the wrapping is white with the brand in either a blue or purple color with the name of the product and total amount of CBD mg per each bottle clearly displayed. The 500 mg Tincture came in a dark blue bottle and the dropper is labeled which I appreciated with ¼, ½, etc. The gummies come in a clear plastic bottle with a white lid and the same labeling for easy viewing. The lid came off easily too.

Leaky Capsules and Messy Bottles

The packaging for the capsules was very odd. The capsules are sent in a short, wide bottle, more for something like a CBD topical supplement, not capsules. Plus, the capsules are actually two separate pieces. This doesn’t really lend itself to a quality delivery method if the oil itself leaks out of the different sides. The capsules TeraHemp used leaked so badly it led to a greasy container and package.

The Digital Terahemp Footprint

An image of the Terahemp CBD homepage
TeraHemp’s Homepage

The website is a little tweaky as well. They offer real time assistance, which is cool, through what appears to be Facebook Messenger, but the few times I tried it, the link didn’t work. Then, at the bottom of the CBD Oils page, under the options of different concentrations, there is a semi-educational section on the wonders of CBD without any real links to scientific papers or even other articles to back the claims made. I was sorta shocked at the assertions that Terahemp Made in regards to the benefits of CBD, especially when they did not back up any of these claims with any real medical evidence or links to the studies they talked about. I also noticed some typos on their site, even the page names (the edibles page was labeled “Different Types of…”, which is just indicative of a newer company still getting their stuff together.

TeraHemp is a young CBD Company with Great Intentions

I love the fact that TeraHemp sees the value of CBD supplementation. They have great intentions but they don’t disclose enough about the manufacturing and growth procedures, you don’t know if you’re taking something that is organic or even processed according to food grade methods. The products do not work like similarly concentrated products I have tried by different brands. You only have access to the test results for Tinctures, and those are 18 months old, and maybe not even relevant to the product you have since no batch number is on the bottle.

TeraHemp pricing system

Another complaint about TeraHemp I have is that their pricing is just all over the place. Since this is a new company, and if they do state to be the best quality and best price, and even if we believe their products do test well and do work (because they certainly don’t disclose that information), their pricing is sorta all over the place. The 500 mg Tincture is actually higher priced than more experienced, more qualified CBD brands. The capsules, with 750 total mg of CBD are actually listed as the same price as the 500 mg Tincture (although it is currently on sale). The Gummies, which contain 450 mg of CBD are about half the price of the 500 mg tincture, so there really is no real system or frankly any incentive to buy anything but the gummies (or maybe the capsules on sale).



Pros: Large Selection of Edibles, Mild flavored oil, Large Selection of Products

Cons: Messy packaging for capsules, No test results for anything besides Tinctures, No relevant corporate information available, Not as strong as other products

Terahemp CBD

Quality - 50%
Effectiveness - 65%
Customer Service & Support - 55%
Transparency & Accuracy - 40%
Value for Money - 50%
Price - 65%


Pros: Large Selection of Edibles, Mild flavored oil, Large Selection of Products

Cons: Messy packaging for capsules, No test results for anything besides Tinctures, No relevant corporate information available, Not as strong as other products

User Rating: 1.45 ( 1 votes)