How Elderly Can Benefit from CBD and Which Products are the best to Use

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In 2020, cannabis research is advancing and anecdotal evidence regarding its efficacy is on the rise. This is working to decrease stigma around cannabis, and also making access easier for everyone —including seniors. In fact, reports show a 75% increase in cannabis use among American adults 65 years and older. It is no surprise then,

The Top 5 Hemp & CBD Flowers on the Market

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Most people tend to associate hemp and CBD with the extracted form: oils and tinctures taken on their own or infused into edibles, topicals, capsules, beverages, and pretty much anything else you can think of.  But did you know that you can smoke hemp flowers? More and more brands are offering consumers pre-packaged buds and

The Ultimate CBD Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is different this year. In the days of corona, moms with kids at home are busy multitasking, homeschooling, working, and cleaning, with very little time for personal space or self-care. Moms with older children might be self-isolating and unable to spend precious time with their loved ones. With social distancing extending into the

10 CBD Products that Will Help Your Pet Thrive

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The rise in popularity of CBD as a natural treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, inflammation, seizures, and a range of skin conditions is no longer exclusive to the human species. CBD products for pets (mainly dogs, cats and horses) is a rising trend, with many of the leading brands offering specially formulated tinctures, topicals,

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Hemp-Infused Skincare Products

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When most people think of hemp, they likely recall the twine necklace popularized by Dave Matthews Band fans in the 1990s. But that’s an unfair association which doesn’t take into account the long history and range of benefits that this superplant offers.  Hemp has a long and rich history Hemp has been cultivated for centuries

7 CBD Products To Help You Get Through Coronavirus Isolation

The coronavirus pandemic has forced tens of millions of people around the world into their homes in an effort to flatten the curve.  Having suddenly found themselves stuck alone indoors for an indefinite period of time, many are now faced with a range of new challenges to overcome: homeschooling their children, working from home, and

Everything You Need to Know About CBD-Infused Tea

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Relaxation, improved blood circulation, and maybe even a reduced risk of heart disease – there’s a reason tea has survived dynasties, monarchies and the discovery of the coffee bean. However, while the benefits of this time-honored beverage deserve applause on their own, there’s good reason to think throwing another traditional plant into the mix may

Everything You Need to Know About CBD-Infused Coffee

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The world practically runs on coffee. For many of us, the day doesn’t quite feel like it’s started until that first cup. Aside from its rich taste and warm aroma, a rush of caffeine through a waking body gets the gears turning and primes the brain for the day ahead. Until you crash and need

The Best CBD Chocolates on the Market

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With so many consumption categories on the market, CBD users have no shortage of options available to them. Infused edibles are an increasingly popular way to take CBD, with more and more brands offering consumers an array of enticing products to choose from. While CBD gummies are still the most common edible, infused chocolates are