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The Top 5 Hemp & CBD Flowers on the Market

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Most people tend to associate hemp and CBD with the extracted form: oils and tinctures taken on their own or infused into edibles, topicals, capsules, beverages, and pretty much anything else you can think of. 

But did you know that you can smoke hemp flowers?

More and more brands are offering consumers pre-packaged buds and pre-rolled joints in a variety of strains, promoting the benefits of this “whole plant medicine.” The benefit, of course, with smoking hemp is that it has a quicker onset time. Effects can usually be felt within 15 minutes. 

Here are our picks for the top CBD flowers on the market.

1. The Brand with the Most Beautiful Packaging: Berkshire CBD

  • Five 1g pre-rolls or Whole Flower by weight
  • Shop by strain or effect

Berkshire CBD’s packaging looks more like an artisanal candy wrapper than a hemp brand. Each strain (and there are many) comes in its own thoughtfully designed casing: a tin with five 1g pre-rolls and whole flowers in little baggies. Customers can also shop by effect, choosing from Rest, Lift, Joy and Calm, or select a bundle: Anytime, Downtime, and Daytime. Strains available are Sour Space Candy, Cherry Wine, White Rabbit, Bubba Kush, and many more. Available in both joint and bud form, the pre-rolls come packaged in a tin filled with five 1g pre-rolls, and the flowers can be purchased by weight. Customers can shop by effect (Rest, Lift, Joy and Calm) or choose from Berkshire CBD’s bundles (Anytime, Downtime, and Daytime). 

2. The Best Pre-Rolls: American Shaman CBD Joints

4 pre rolled joints

  • Available in Cherry Strain
  • 1g of full spectrum hemp per joint

American Shaman’s hemp flower pre-rolled cones are available in Cherry strain. Each joint contains 1g of full spectrum industrial hemp and comes individually-packaged in a convenient plastic tube. 

3. The Best Plant-Based Packaging: Tweedle Farms

Joint box

  • Pre-rolls, flowers, and small buds available
  • 100% plant-based packaging

Based in Northwest Oregon, Tweedle Farms offers pre-rolls, flowers, and small buds in different strains and strengths. The Tweedle Farms online store provides consumers with a lot of information about each product’s genetics, breeder, and cannabinoid content. Bonus: the packaging is made from 100% plant-based plastic.

4. The Best Bang-for-Your-Buck: Canna Comforts Pre-Rolled Hemp Flowers

two joints

  • Pack of 6 1.5g pre-rolls 
  • Available in six different strains

For $25, Canna Comforts offer 6 pre-rolls (1.5g each) in a convenient package. Canna Comfort also offers a nice selection, allowing consumers to choose from 6 strains: Sour Space Candy, Cherry. Suver Haze, Lifter, Elektra, and Cali Gas, depending on the desired effect, which is detailed on the brand’s website. 

5. The Brand with the Largest Selection of Strains: Black Tie CBD

box of flowers

  • 20 different strains
  • 100% organica

Black Tie CBD offers smokeable hemp products in a range of forms: flowers, pre-rolls,trim/shake, moon rocks, kief, shatter, hash, and dab in over 20 different strains. Black Tie CBD produces 100% organically-grown hemp in Oregon’s Umpqua River Valley. 

The Final Word

If smoking hemp flowers is your preferred delivery method, then each of these brands offer some enticing options. 

Jar of flowers

While there are many different strains of hemp flower, the question of full spectrum versus broad spectrum versus isolate is not relevant when smoking dried flowers. These are, by definition, full spectrum. Those who advocate for smoking hemp flowers cite the entourage effect, claiming that the plant’s many health benefits can only really be unlocked through “whole plant medicine,” where the integrity of the plant’s compounds are fully intact.

The question of full spectrum vs. isolated CBD isn’t relevant for smoking dried flowers where it is by definition full spectrum, but is somewhat relevant when it comes to vaporizing CBD oils. So depending on your preferences (full spec or isolate), be sure to check the kind of CBD oil you’re getting.  

It’s also worth noting that some users who enjoy inhaling cannabis prefer to smoke CBD during the day, since it’s known to increase focus and productivity, while THC is ideal for an evening smoke.

Have you ever tried smoking hemp flowers? Let us know what you think.

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