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These Five CBD Companies Accept Bitcoin

Buy CBD with Bitcoin

Bitcoin, also known as cryptocurrency, is revolutionizing online payments. However, you are probably wondering, “What is Bitcoin?” Well, some parts of it remain a mystery for many but basically, it is a decentralized digital currency that has no brick and mortar bank, centralized location, or a single administrator. You can send cryptocurrency between users using the bitcoin network. There is absolutely no need for intermediaries. Bitcoin is not real money but virtual currency. Think of it as an online type of cash. It only exists on the internet. You can use to buy products and services from any location that accepts bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is a valuable part of your online wallet. Did you know that you can use Bitcoin at many online and instore CBD locations?

How do you get Bitcoins to pay for CBD products?

Buy CBD with Bitcoin

Since Bitcoins were created in 2009, they have risen in popularity for online shoppers. They are fast and easy to use. In addition, they are safe because you are never exposing your bank accounts to online scrutiny and dangers. Instead, you can safely use Bitcoins to make your purchases. You do not have to input your Visa or Mastercard number into a non-secure online website when making purchases and can instead safely use your Bitcoin. Getting Bitcoins is relatively easy.

You can get Bitcoins three main ways:

  • You can purchase bitcoins with genuine currency
  • When you sell something, you can opt to receive payment using only Bitcoins
  • Bitcoins can also be made online with a powerful computer (Bitcoin mining)

What makes Bitcoins valuable?

Bitcoins are simply valuable because people are willing to exchange real merchandise in exchange for Bitcoins. Think of them like a bag of gold or silver that used to be used in the old days to pay for supplies at the local mercantile. Bitcoins have no government control and are completely anonymous. The transactions you make are recorded, but no one knows it was you who made the purchase which is ideal for discreet shopping. The value of Bitcoins is rising rapidly, but please remember that it has also gone down. The fluctuation is why people often hesitate to turn their real money into Bitcoin. However, they are fantastic for buying products such as CBD. In this article, we are going to explore the top five places to buy CBD with Bitcoins.

Why use Bitcoin to buy CBD?

CBD vendors who accept Bitcoin are a great place to shop. At such locations, you never have to share your card details. Instead, using Bitcoin for purchases is quick and easy. There is no third-party involvement. You are simply using your Bitcoin to pay the CBD vendor directly.

How to use Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin to make a purchase is virtually the same for every company. You will simply go to your shopping cart. Enter your personal information and then choose a shipping method. Finally, you will be given your payment choices. At that time, you

How to Buy CBD with Bitcoin

Buy CBD with Bitcoin

When buying CBD, you might want to keep your purchases discreet. Although perfectly legal, there remains a stigma in many parts of the world, especially certain US states, where the use of any cannabis-related product is frowned upon. With Bitcoin, you can buy your CBD items privately and safely.

As an example of this standard purchasing process, we will look at Bluebird Botanicals When shopping on Bluebird Botanicals, if you plan to make a purchase using Bitcoin, simply fill your cart with the items and then proceed to checkout. You can choose between two payment options: Visa/Mastercard or cryptocurrencies. When you select the cryptocurrencies then you are instantly provided with 20 percent off your order. The discount savings cannot be combined with any other coupons.

All the Bitcoin transactions on Bluebird Botanicals go through ShapeShift which is an online altcoin exchange. When you accept Bitcoin then you will be asked to add a refund address which is your wallet address. This way you can easily request a refund and have the Bitcoins restored to your wallet.

After inputting the above information, you will be taken to Bluebird Botanicals crypto ordering page. It clearly tells you how much crypto you need to finalize the purchase. They will give you 90 minutes to complete the purchase. You can either cut and paste the Bluebird crypto address into your wallet or scan the QR code. Your order will be processed, and you will receive confirmation, but it might take up to 90 minutes to obtain the confirmation.

Top five CBD brands that accept Bitcoin

Here is a list of the top five CBD brands that accept Bitcoin

Bluebird Botanicals

Full Review of Bluebird botanicals cbd

Bluebird Botanicals are a leader in the CBD industry. Their products are widely respected as top-shelf CBD. You’ll be happy to learn that the popular company accepts Bitcoin. They also offer an impressive 20 percent discount off the entire purchase to anyone who uses Bitcoin to pay. This is a substantial saving and very impressive.


Endoca wide Logo

Endoca was the first brand to sell CBD products online and they proudly accept Bitcoin. Their checkout process is remarkably like Bluebird Botanicals. You can create an account or simply check out as a guest while still using Bitcoin to pay for your purchase. When using Bitcoins, you will receive an automatic 10 percent discount on your entire purchase.

Pharma Hemp

Pharma Hemp

Pharma Hemp is a European brand that offers only fully organic products. You can easily purchase any of their items on their website using Bitcoin. The entire process is quick and easy. You follow the same steps outlined above to make the purchase using Bitcoin. Currently, they offer no discount for such purchases.


Calypso sells natural CBD products. All their products undergo extensive lab testing to guarantee purity. They have a strong belief in only offering the best. They do accept Bitcoin and forms of cryptocurrency. You do you to create an account before you can finalize the purchase which means providing your email address and other details. However, once complete. You can easily use Bitcoin to buy but they do not offer a discount for such purchases.

Diamond Venom CBD

At Diamond Venom CBD, you have the option of paying with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They provide a $2.65 USD discount for anyone paying in such a manner.

Diamond Venom CBD is considered an elite brand that sells only pharmaceutical cannabidiol. They offer full-spectrum CBD products that are non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. All of their products undergo third-party laboratory testing. The hemp used in their items is grown organically in the USA. It then undergoes CO2 extraction to guarantee a solvent-free CBD oil. They also use independent third-party laboratory testing. The results are published online.


The above five CBD companies accept Bitcoin, but the number is changing daily and enlarging. It seems like online retailers are truly embracing the Bitcoin craze with open arms.

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      All CBD products that we review here on Green Valley nation have 0.3https://greenvalleynation.com/tag/full-spectrum-cbd-oil-review/

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