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Top 5 CBD Gummies

CBD gummies

Gummies are a fun way to take a daily supplement of CBD. They take longer to kick in but are also easy to consume and tasty. CBD gummies come in many forms such as gummy bears, toads, banana gummy, and more. You can purchase gummies online or at retailers.

Why Choose CBD Gummies?

Best CBD Infused gummies

Many people simply cannot tolerate the taste of CBD oils, even if they are flavored. You can opt to take capsules but non-pill swallowers might struggle. Another option is vaping, but if a person does not want to inhale CBD, then such a delivery method will not fit their needs. Gummies are easy to consume and offer the flavorful joy of a quick treat

Let’s talk about dosages

It’s easy to overdo it with gummies if they are yummy. However, you should start out with the lowest recommended dose. Try to take one gummy in the morning and one in the evening. Many people suggest also using gummies if you are suffering from extreme pain or discomfort and you want targeted relief.

Best CBD-infused gummies

Top 5 Best CBD Infused gummies

At Green Valley Nation, we have researchers all over the world who personally test each product to determine the pros and cons. Below, you will find five of the leading brands of gummies. Each one has undergone stringent testing to determine its potency, flavor, and effectiveness.

Diamond CBD Chill Gummies - CBD Infused Gummy Bears 150 mg

Diamond CBD Chill Gummies CBD Infused Gummy Bears
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Diamond CBD is a leading company in the USA. One of its top sellers is its Diamond CBD Chill brand of edibles. Chill is a full line of just about every type of gummy, drink, coffee, candy, and nuts you could ask for. The line was created to help the user ‘chill’ so if you are looking for a relaxing experience then please check out these Diamond CBD edibles. Our top gummy choice is a true classic and one of the most ordered items from the site: Diamond CBD Chill Gummies – CBD Infused Gummy Bears. They come as infused gummy bears in a variety of fruity flavors. The bears are THC free but brimming with all cannabinoids. If you want to try one of the Diamond CBD Chill gummies then you just have to pick a flavor from the resealable bag. You can alternate flavors depending on your mood with these colorful fruity gummies.

Certifications GMP certification
Hemp Industrial hemp grown from non-GMO seeds. All hemp is grown organically.
Extraction CO2
Lab results Sadly, they do not post lab results on their Chill line. You must contact them directly to learn more about batch testing.
Attributes Comes in several unique flavors per bag, THC-free.

Highland Pharms All Natural Gummies (10 mg CBD Per Piece)

Highland Pharms All Natural Gummies 10mg Per Piece
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Highland Pharms sells two CBD gummies in varying potencies. Our top choice is their Highland Pharms ALL NATURAL Gummies – 20ct with 10 mg of CBD. If you don’t want to take the gummy at full potency then simply cut it in half or quarters to reduce the dosage. All of the gummies offered by Highland Pharms are full spectrum so they contain varying levels of all of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant for the whole-body experience on your endocannabinoid system. In addition, the gummies are made of only natural ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives. Highland Pharms’s CBD gummies are gluten free and wheat free.

Certification Pharmaceutical grade stamp
Hemp Grown organically in Colorado.
Extraction CO2
Lab results Lab results available online
Attributes Gluten-free, wheat-free, full-spectrum

CBDistillery CBD Nighttime Gummies 30 mg 25 Count

CBDistillery CBD Nighttime Gummies 30mg 25 Count
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CBDistillery is an American CBD company that uses only 100 percent natural ingredients in its gummies. CBDistillery’s gummies all contain 30 mg of CBD. The gummies are 99 percent pure isolate, so THC-free. They are manufactured only from natural ingredients. You’ll find no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

The Nighttime Gummies contain an additional 1.5 mg of melatonin in addition to the CBD to let you obtain a restful night’s sleep.

CBDfx CBD Melatonin Gummies

CBDfx CBD Melatonin Gummies
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CBDfx offers melatonin and CBD laced gummies that are vegan-friendly. The broad spectrum sleep aid contains all of the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids but no THC. Each gummy has 10 mg of CBD and an additional 5 mg of melatonin. The gummies have a lemon zest flavor that most people find tasty.

They suggest using two gummies before bed. All of the gummies are made from organic ingredients. They use pectin instead of the usual animal-derived gelatin. The color of the gummies is obtained from red tomatoes instead of the standard artificial colors.

Product information

Certifications cGMP
Hemp Organic American grown hemp
Extraction CO2
Lab Results They proudly publish all of their lab results in their product descriptions.
Attributes Broad Spectrum – THC free, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Vegan-friendly, gluten-free

Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Sleep

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Charlotte’s Web, founded by the Stanley Brothers, is a highly respected CBD company in the United States. Located in Boulder, Colorado, the company offers Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Sleep. The gummies are paired with melatonin to promote a restful night’s slumber. Each gummy contains 10 mg of CBD. The bottle holds 60 gummies. The full-spectrum cannabinoids found in the product help work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The gummies come in a raspberry flavor.


These top five CBD infused gummies are some of the best available on the market right now. Each one has it’s benefits. They are all manufactured by leaders in the CBD industry and are up to date with the highest safty standarts.

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